Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Hallows Eve 2014

We are back with some Halloween highlights.

 If you can't tell, Harper is using her ice powers here.

 If you can't tell, Harper is singing "Let it Go" here

 If you can't tell, Harper is freezing Luke here, with her ice powers.

 Elsa conference

 Before Trick or Treating, Vivian and Haper pre-game.

Final shot of the two of them together. Luke ran ahead with his friends, and Harper went slow and steady, trying to hit every single house.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Sprang Sprung

We have suffered a few frost-related setbacks in this move to springtime, but I think we may finally, dare I say, be out of wintry weather and layers for good?

Weather be damned, we have still managed to enjoy some great springtime traditions, starting with the annual T-ball/Little League Opening Day Parade!  
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 Miller's Gulf Cubs!
Luke is thrilled that 3 of his best friends are on his team (from left to right)- Gavin, Carter, and Chase.
And while the guys marched in the parade, the ladies enjoyed some Dunkin Donuts.
 Luke spent some time covering first in the opening game!
Harper got so filthy watching Luke's game (and rolling around in the dirt with Carter's sister, Jenna...) that she required a Grammy Rosella Silly Sink Bath upon arriving home.  She loves them!
We have played outside...
And worked in the garden...
We took selfies
And hosted a visit with Aunt Slater - who, at Harper's request, brought her "waterproof snuggle wions." Only Aunt Slater would be able to fulfill such a specific request.
Inspired by Frozen, we enjoyed some chocolate fondue.
Kitty clip, honey nut cheerios, and resignation.
Mama made guacamole one day and we managed not to eat ALL of it before Daddy got home from the store.
This is Harper "helping" to change the sheets.  To be fair, she waited until the clean sheets were on the bed and the covers all straightened before testing it out.  She approved of my work.
The biggest news around here is that Luke's reading is really taking off.  So much so that Harper's teacher invited him to come and read to the Giraffe class whenever he was ready.  As April break approached, Luke and Jeanne settled on a date and Luke got down to working on Hop on Pop.
Reading Hop on Pop atop Pop.
When the big day came, he did a GREAT job!
 He read loud and proud and had the Giraffes in the palm of his hand!
 And Harper was very proud and excited to have her big brother be the guest reader!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter's Last Gasp

While we dare say Winter's icy grip is finally weakening, we still had to find lots of things to entertain ourselves with in its death throes weeks in March.  

Baby dolls were bundled up and walked.

 Luke participated in Jump for Heart at school - raising  money for the American Heart Association in the process (thanks to deep pocket donors Grammy and Grandpap, Uncle Joe, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Slater!).  Mama was more than a little shocked to learn he was one of the few Kindergarteners to master jumping rope.
 Lots of other jumping occurred...
 Harper enjoyed some lazy weekend morning time with Daddy.
 Luke filled up his reward jar and cashed in for the Han Solo bank he'd been eyeing.  "Look, it's like I'm saying 'Whoa, Han Solo is trapped in Carbonite.'"
 The dollhouse family had a BBQ for the Calico Critters from Aunt Slater.  "Harper and I are the giant Mom and Dad," said Luke.
The large dollhouse is not enough for Harper, though, she crafted a "kid room" for the Calico Critter Kitties out of a shoebox. 
 We enjoyed an early St. Patrick's Day (and pre-baby Saoirse arrival) dinner with the Scotts.
 "He is a cowboy leprechaun."
 A moment of sibling harmony.
 Luke doing is best Elsa of Arendelle, making the "Frozen Fractel Hotel."
 Recovery day smoothie with Mama.
 Taking care of her five o'clock shadow.
Luke joined in for some foamy soap mugging.  Mama made them crowns and collars.  They made beards.
 Luke and Daddy spent a lot of time creating a Lego Restaurant.  Luke's angling to be featured in Lego Magazine as a "Master Builder."  
Our "Aunt Slater" Lego (the librarian, actually) bellied up to the bar.
 And apparently Santa was relaxing in the off-season.
 Batman joined the fun.
 Harper worked on her own "pwoject," a "cage for Wion!"
 One rainy day found them working on "an art pwoject" and singing a Frozen-Katy Perry mash-up.
 Luke also opened a restaurant!
 Daddy and Harper enjoyed a lovely meal.
 Harper threw the baby dolls a birthday picnic.
 And an injured ninja paid a visit to Doc McStuffins.
 Harper earned her keep by cleaning the bathroom floor.
 And in the most exciting news from the Broke Club, Luke is taking off with his reading.  He has been enjoying reading to Mama and Daddy and Harper before bed. 
Here he reads Hop on Pop atop Pop. 

Coming soon - pictures of kids without winter gloves!  Or jackets!  SUNSHINE!  And green grass!