Sunday, May 30, 2010


A few weeks back, we visited Luke's bff BEN. Luke got to take a spin on Ben's scooter and has discussed little since, so Mom & Dad hatched a plan, ordering a scooter online and hiding it until this (long, holiday) weekend.

On Saturday AM, Daddy & Luke let Mommy sleep in and went out on a morning "adventure." Daddy took him out to buy a helmet and knee & elbow pads. Apparently, Luke kept telling Daddy how "I need scoooooter! To wear with my helmet and paaaaads." We marveled that he had no clue what was coming.

After his nap, we broke out the scooter - along with some ground rules (never inside, only outside, always with a helmet etc). We think he likes it.

Here he is on the elevator, itching to get on it and "GO FAST IN MY HELMET!"

We got him outside and he took off like a shot (and the circular path around the fountain lends well to the fact that his lists left at all times - still working on the steering part)

He came back by to pose happily with his scooter.

Scootering is apparently thirsty-making work

On Sunday morning, he was naturally raring to get back outside to his scooter training

Still listing left, but covering more ground between stops & adjustments

Apple break!

He cooled down by putting his "piggies in the fountain" with Mama

Friday, May 21, 2010

Catch-All: Goofball Edition

Some more catch up photos, with highlights from the past few months

Luke enjoys "doing work" on the computer. This particular time, he was enjoying doing work on the computer wearing only a dipe. When asked "what are you doing?" He replied, "I work."

Luke thought it important to show Rawr (his animatronic dinosaur that is more complex than any of the effects in the original Clash of the Titans) his Valentine from Grammy and Grandpap, which also featured dinosaurs.

Star Wars Drum Corps.

Luke enjoys wearing Dad's swim goggles... while in his PJs

Or on the town

Hoboken St Patrick's Day Parade, which, since it featured drums, was the best parade ever.

Don't take my photo while I enjoy the parade!

I like to relax. Also referred to as "I JUST HANGING OUT."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

BIrthday!! (part 2)

Now months later, another glimpse at Luke's second birthday.

Let's not forget Dad made an awesome cake

Luke liked it so much he wanted to eat the candle

He cut the first slice
and ate a lot
The it was time for presents, which quickly went from this

to this

Cookie Break!

Luke rides his new Italian Stallion (thanks Aunt Tanya!) named Lukey.

Its not a party without funny glasses!

and the aftermath... Luke standing alone, yelling, and waving his new broom, after stuffing his face with Grandma's lasagna

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Puss in Boots

Luke received a package from Grammy & Grandpap Rosella today. Mommy & Daddy knew it was coming, so they strongly suggested he open the package toot sweet.

In the 20 minutes between opening the package and bath time, he lobbied (unsuccessfully) to walk to the firehouse to show the firemen his boots and to see their tools, not to take a bath, and he is now, as I type this, trying to convince his father that he should wear them to bed.

I think he likes them.