Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Harper Takes Grammy's

Harper, while a very worldly girl, had yet to visit her Grammy & Grandpap Rosella's house in Pittsburgh.  Nor had she met the "Rosella Cousins."  So off we went to Pittsburgh, stomach flu that decimated the family in the days preceding our departure be damned!

Luke and Harper made themselves right at home.

Harper spent much of her time pushing this chair ALL OVER THE HOUSE

Luke loves Grandpap.

He especially loved flying Uncle Joe's helicopter with Grandpap (rated "best part of the trip")
Luke, Simon, and Chloe had a blast together and were generally noisy

Harper and Chloe took care of the baby

 We did our best to get a picture of "all 4 grandkids" for Grammy
It started out well enough...

Harper Casey: 24 lbs of Attitude
Devolving quickly

Harper's all "Whatever, I'm outtie. I'm going to go and touch all of their toys."
Grammy was surprised with a birthday cake and a serenade from the kids
...and she cried
 Sure am sad we left that megaphone at Grammy's...


Harper's "bunny face"

Harper ate A LOT

Which made Grandpap proud