Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow Daze

Hey guys, did you know that it has snowed a lot this winter?
It has snowed.
And snowed.
Aaaaaand snowed some more. 
(making a snowbank so packed that Harper could walk on top!)
Holy crap, has it snowed.
If the weather is going to be like Brunswick, ME, Mama's going to DRESS like she's in Brunswick, ME.

So in addition to lots and lots of sledding and fort-building and shoveling, we have had a lot of indoor fun, too.

Lots of Doc McStuffins office hours.  And her associate, Dr. Bedhead.
Lots of Legos (this is the "lounge" in a factory.  Aunt Slater is just relaxing with Han Solo)
Even doing dishes has become a pastime.  One night, Harper decided to avoid getting wet by just stripping down.  "This way my pants will stay dry!"  
Um, Ok.

 Hey, you have something on your face.
 And her big brother was NEVER SEEN AGAIN!
(it was just red velvet cake batter)

 Some even tried sleeping through it.
 "We are security spies!"
 "People think we're security, but really we're spies."
 Family friend, Paul Marr, graciously and generously sent Luke some of his Star Wars overage.  I tried to capture the surprise on video, but  Luke. Was. Speechless.
One night, it stopped snowing long enough for us to eat at a restaurant!
Han Solo kept watch.
 Valentines were made.
Sorry, Harper.
 Mama and Luke attended the Sweetheart Dance.  He insisted on tucking in his shirt, "like a business man."
Where did Luke choose for our date night dinner?
McDonald's, of course.
The official portrait from the dance.  Awwwww.
Harper's Selfie: 3/4 finger; 1/4 face
A moment of sibling affection when Harper found Wile E. Coyote to be "a wittle bit scary!"
They ran a school for their stuffed animals.
"The glasses mean I'm the teacher."
 They hosted a LOVELY tea party!
Luke organized the buffet - he's a regular Mr. Carson!
 Baby Max dressed up!
 Mmmm...Lego ice cream.
 Sugar bowl contents: ninjas and finger lights.
 And we celebrated Lion's "birthday"! (again!)
He even "opened" presents!  And made his friends watch!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Winter 2013-14 is kicking our a*%es.  6 snow days, 2 delayed starts, and 1? 2? early dismissals?  Umpteen inches of snow and ice and slush and more snow and ice and slush.  Capped off this week with a family-wide outbreak of STREP THROAT.


Thus, in lieu of witty posts or clever yarns spun, I give you a crapload of pictures.