Friday, August 29, 2008

TEAM LISA Needs Your Support

**this is a rare instance of solicitation on Luke the Boy - but it's for a good cause!**

As many of you know, on Sunday, September 14, 2008, Luke & Paige will join Luke's Auntie Lisa and the rest of TEAM LISA 2008 for the Komen New York City Race for the Cure®.

We have just three weeks to go until the Race, and thanks to the generosity of our friends and family we are 84% of the way to our fundraising goal of $1000! Our team is 73% of the way to our $8000 goal. But we're not at 100% yet!

On race day 22,000 New Yorkers, including 1,500 breast cancer survivors - Auntie Lisa is one of them! - will come together to run breast cancer out of town.

One in eight women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. In 2008, that's over 170,000 people. More than 40,000 will die.

Monies raised are used to fund education, screening, and treatment programs for underserved women in the NY metropolitan area, as well as for local and national peer-reviewed clinical research. Donations can be made through October 31st and are tax deductible.

Last year, Komen Greater NYC raised over $5.2 million, which allowed it to fund more than $3.8 million in grants and research. Team Lisa was a big part of this, earning Luke's Auntie Lisa a place on Komen's Honor Roll for the top 120 individual fund raisers. Luke and I want to help keep Team Lisa on that roll!

Please join us in supporting Komen Greater NYC and Team Lisa this year. Support us, support Auntie Lisa, support our friend, Katie, or just send in your money! Every donation really does count.

Thank you,
Paige & Luke

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bibs and Bobs

Before we get get some more posts up on the blog (such as Luke goes on a boat for the first time!, The Cookie Thief! and Luke enjoys Goofus and Gallant!) a few random photos that mostly involve us dressing Luke up in funny outfits.

First up:
Luke semi-enjoying his Bowdoin hat. Though he looks quite cute it in, brims on hats sometimes bug him. That's not him tipping his hat, but rather trying to push it out of the way. Dad is wearing his counterfeit Phillies hat backwards so he doesn't get it grabbed off his head.

Second in a series of hats, is an older one of Luke wearing the awesome winter hat from Mrs. Fahey. Not only is is a crown, but also reverses into a flat chapeau. Despite the fact that the tie-dye combined with the hat makes him look like he is going to a warehouse rave in San Francisco circa 1992, it's still pretty cute.

Finally the last in the series. Despite the general fussiness (hence the pacifier) Dad thought it would be funny to put a pair of sunglasses on Luke. They lasted about as long as it took to squeeze off two shots, and then had to be rescued from mangling in the hands of Baby Hercules. If he ran a tiny crime ring out of the second bedroom, I'm guessing that this would be the disguise he wore to rob banks.

Historical Nerd Trip I (or How's Your Island, Governor?)

Before Luke was born, we often joked about the various historical and educational field trips he'd be taken on as he grew up. It took us less than 6 months to take him on his first Historical Nerd Trip (tm).

Recently, NYC's Waterfront Alliance hosted a "Day of Water" on Governor's Island. Having always been curious about this ideally-located yet rarely-visited isle, Paige & Paul signed right up for the free ferry ride that departed right outside their apartment building (thanks to the Hoboken Historical Museum and NY Waterway), the Working Waterfront boat tour, and packed up Luke, his stroller, and various accoutrement for a big day outside.

Paul, Paige, and Luke showed up bright & early for the boat and received their wristbands from the Historical Society volunteers.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a ferry ride - plus we got a free look at the cool public art project in the city this summer.

Governor's Island was full of people enjoying the sun, the salty air, and learning the story of the amazing island. [If you don't know, Governor's Island was in service, in various capacities, to the military since the American Revolution. It was a key player in the "Battle of Brooklyn," and was, until recently, a Coast Guard Base - complete with, in addition to 18th century forts, barracks, a school, and a bowling alley!]

Seriously, get a load of all of this green space (and the skyscrapers peeking behind them)!
Our Working Waterfront tour was scrapped due to excessive crowds, timing, and the desire to walk around the island some more before heading back to Hoboken...but Paige, Paul, and Luke had a grand time strolling the perimeter of the island - and marveling at the number of people who escaped Manhattan for some green sit on the "stoops" of the barracks. We took a walking tour, had some lunch, we took lots of pictures, and, as we sat on one of the island's many greens, ran into Paige's freshman year RA! Hi, Jen Hand!

Luke took in the Statue of Liberty with Mom...
...and the Brooklyn Bridge with Dad.
Change of clothes and dipe break!
Paul caught Paige & Luke playing when he was touring the Admiral's Quarters.
These statues were so creepy (there is a Sculptor's Guild on the island) that Paige made Paul take some "arty" photos.
Finally, after several hours, 3 dipes, 2 bottles, 1 nap, and lots of sun, fresh air, and walking, Luke was ready for us to stroll him home!

For those of you in and around NYC, we highly recommend a trip to Governor's Island. Free ferries run from lower Manhattan often during the warm months!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Amelia, Ann Marie, and Dr. B

About a month ago, Amelia had her baptism. We were lucky enough to get invited by the Swedanaldos to the celebration party (that also tripled as a birthday party for Dr. B and Ann Marie). It was Luke's first trip to the Landmark II, and although he can't partake of the buffet yet, in short time we expect him to start tearing it up, and enjoying the shrimp and sundae bar as much as his parents.

Luke dressed in his best party clothes, courtesy of Great Aunt Bert and Great Uncle Jack. Unfortunately his big ol' bean is already too large for the hat that goes with it.

In addition to lots of eating and drinking, there was a lot of dancing:
Go Scott and Annie!
Go Dr. B and Amelia!
Luke and Amelia take a moment to enjoy their coterie of admirers

Luke and Amelia pose (squirm? drool?) with Rick and Paul

Someone had too much to drink...

Happy Belated birthday Dr. B and Ann Marie!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Postcards from the Edge II

In what is rapidly becoming a tradition, Grandma and Grandpa Casey sent Luke a postcard from their recent trip to Minnesota. Just as promptly, luke listened to the contents, and then stuck it in his mouth.

Maybe an appreciation for Belgian surrealist René Magritte will rub off on him anyway

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Monkey Who Set the Beat

In the past few weeks we have discovered that Luke loves puppets. A lot. Intensely. It started with his friends, Red Bath Guy and Spider-Bath Guy. He loved them so much that we submitted to an impulse puppet buy at Buy Buy Baby last weekend. After much deliberation and some test-driving of a Cookie Monster puppet, a Bert puppet, and a rejection of all Baby Einstein puppets (suck it, Disney), we settled on a sweet brown monkey that appears to have zero origins in a licensed character. His new puppet friend has a checkerboard lining, so we first named him Dicky Barrett, but decided that was too twee (or as twee as ska can be?), and settled on Prince Buster.

As you can see, he loooooooves him! Especially when Dad is involved!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Luke took his first go at solid food yesterday (well, as much as you can call rice cereal the consistency of pea soup "solid"). It was not an outright disaster, but he is clearly still sorting out his feelings on this process. Really, he just wanted to go back to playing with his Rainforest Whirlygig in his cool new booster seat.

Roll Around Lukey

We have been trying to capture Luke's elusive rolling over skill on film for a few weeks. Naturally, he chose to be photogenic (videogenic? Heck, he's mediagenic!) about it when he was 1) on the bathroom floor (perhaps his favorite place in the apartment); and 2) wearing only a dipe.

And so, in a video only Grandmas will love, Luke rolls over!
....and Mom & Dad realize that the baby-proofing must begin in earnest!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


While we have spent lots of money on "developmental" and "educational" toys for Luke, his favorites never fail to be the most inexpensive and ad-hoc things. To wit, his spoon!

Stay tuned for The Happiest Place on Earth: The Bathroom Floor, and What Do You Mean Socks Aren't Puppets?

(and yes, we supervise him carefully when he's playing with Spoony)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Boy and His Goose

You may recall that Luke's Grammy Rosella sent him a goose along with Paige's birthday present last month. He loves to snuggle with his goose in the morning - especially on weekends when EVERYONE can snuggle with Luke & Luke's Goose.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Celebrity Impersonations VI

John Sebastian was the lead singer of The Lovin' Spoonful, best know for his good time folk/electric songs, including chart toppers like "Summer in the City," "Nashville Cats," and "Do You Believe in Magic."

After leaving the band and before he made it back to the top with the theme to Welcome Back Kotter in 1976, he made a memorable appearance at Woodstock. The most memorable part of his appearance was, in fact, his appearance, as he made the scene in a complete tie-dyed outfit (which now hangs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Squint, and tell me if you can differentiate between the bespectacled bard and Luke

August 1969:

July 2008