Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch Up Pics III: The Catchening

Luke has spent a lot of weekend afternoons running around & climbing about at Hoboken's many parks. Herewith we finish off May's batch (I know, I know...we got distracted by his Celebrity Impersonations!)

Hello, gorgeous! (that caption's for Aunt Cathy)

The Bubble Boy of Hoboken

Hi Mom!
Hoboken's cutest little prisoner

Someone was pretty cranky about going home...

...until Mom let him play with her sunglasses.

Now we move on to Mother's Day, which was spent - you guessed it - at the park! This time at Elysian Park (named after the field where the first baseball game was played)

Luke didn't really want to pose. Or sit still

Mom's personal favorite outtake

He kind of held still with Mom in front of Hoboken's money shot

And took a little stroll and held hands

Finally we bribed him with some juice.

This one is to illustrate his new found love of sitting with his legs dangling.

And finally, Luke tries to call someone who cares

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrity Impersonations Part XII

Really, these sunglasses provide endless comparisons. Next, and perhaps this is his mother's love of Match Game talking...


Everyone's favorite game show guest, Charles Nelson Reilly

Come on, he's a very clever boy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Celebrity Impersonations Part XI

Jumping the queue of photos a bit, here are some shots fresh out of the camera. At Luke's first birthday party (besides his own) he got an awesome pair of sunglasses. Like Ronan (the birthday boy), he promptly popped out the lenses, but that did not dissuade him from wanting to wear the glasses around.

Sure enough, like a reverse Clark Kent, when Luke dons the specs, he turns into none other than the Rocket Man himself.


Sir Elton

It's like a mirror, right? Lets look again and see if you can figure out which is which

Plus... a bonus video

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up I95 & Back

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we took Luke to visit Grammy & Grandpap Rosella. He had a grand time toddling, eating berries and berries and berries, and flirting with waitresses and other patrons in the Seacoast's finest dining establishments.

As per usual, Luke & his Grandpap were fast friends all over again, but as you can see, Luke matches his Grandpap smirk for smirk:

He was very excited to inherit his Uncle Chris & Mom's Huffy Puffy wooden train.
We took him down to the dock for a view of the Piscataqua River...

Look! I can see New Hampshire from my (grandparents') house! Luke's ready to be VP!

Luke had a bit of a brush with the road on the walk back home from the dock...but he only cried for a minute!
Luke made sure to get in lots of snuggle time with Grammy. All of that walking and berry-eating made him very sleepy & cozy!

On our way back South, we stopped off in Chestnut Hill to see our dear old (as in long time...not age. Though we ARE old) friends, the Leary Infantines. As you can see, Luke and Aunt Fran had a heart-to-heart.

But Luke only had eyes for new baby Miss Carmen.
While Carmen's big sister, Lucia, napped, Luke played with her phone. Apparently, Nonne was calling for Carmen anyway, so Lucia didn't miss anything.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Celebrity Impersonations Part X

One is a British comedian, known for his love of drugs and alcohol, the other is a Hoboken baby, known for his love of blueberries and squirting himself in the face with a water gun.

However, not only do they share a fondness for tight clothing (though to be fair, Luke's PJs are tight by law), but most importantly, a similar hairstyle (Luke's takes hours less to tease)

And his Jersey Doppelganger

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catch Up Pics II

Luke decided to get his crossword puzzle on... and started with Sunday no less, proving the new rule of "If you leave it out, Luke will find it no matter what."

And here he shows his pants less "I know I'm doing something I shouldn't, but maybe if I look cute you will overlook it" look

These two shots involved a lot of jibber jabber and pointing at the camera (while still pants less)
And finally, a joint weekend nap

Aunt Eileen's Anniversary

A few weeks ago we went to the 50th Anniversary of Aunt Eileen (Paul's Godmother) joining the School Sisters of Notre Dame.
Sister Eileen on the Right

Luke was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Casey, and also show off his newly acquired walking skills (as well as his fancy new shirt)

Grandma and Grandpa got to hold him a bit after his shyness wore off.

Those are Grandpa's rabbit ears

Luke and his second cousin Oliver

Catch Up Pics

We are waaaay behind on getting photos up, and since we are piling up lots and lots of playground photos, here are some catch up pics:

Grammy and Grandpap Rosella sent Luke an Easter card... he can hardly believe his luck

He finally managed to get it open.

These photos are old enough that Luke ws still heavy into his phase of walking in the hallway with his cool alligator cart. Here he is heading out the door.

And finally trying to figure out if he can get the umbrella from outside our neighbor Beth's door.