Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Everyone is healthy again, Spring has finally sprung, and we all enjoyed a great Mother's Day weekend. 

Mom got to sleep in (until 10:21!) and enjoyed coffee & catlogs on the patio while everyone was at swimming class

When they got home, Luke gave her his card he made at school. 
[NB: she does not own a green dress, and Life is a Highway is LUKE'S favorite song. but hey, she's 21!]

Luke played with the monster truck Uncle Joe got him for Christmas - being particularly proud of figuring out how to get it to ride under the car to the other side
There was a floor show during breakfast

Harper rocked the shirt Grandma got her for Christmas - she is both little and fierce! 
Mommy's present - P P L H on 4 sides
Attempts to get a proper Mother's Day picture begin

Maybe kneeling?
OK, back to standing
We're losing Luke...
He's gone

Harper brought a rock into it 
She was very into the rock.  Luke, not so much
Yep.  She's eating the rock.  Our best effort.

Giving up hope
 So then there was swinging

And Lukey being a ham

And tickle-tackling of Mama

And gardening

 Harper enjoyed an "ap-ple"
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ossining Volunteer Fire Department!

Ossining's fire department celebrated its 200th anniversary this past weekend with a crazy parade with SEVENTY fire departments marching and driving their trucks through town.  Was this tailor made for Luke or what??  Fortunately, Harper, Mom, and Dad were feeling better enough from their bout with some nasty virus that left Harps with an ear infection and Mom and Dad with varied levels of "cruddy."

Luke arrived at the parade READY TO SPECTATE

He waved at the firemen driving the trucks and marching (while Mom looked like someone who'd been shut in sick with a sick husband & toddler for three days)

Fun fact: there are adult majorettes (??)

Harper was NOT impressed with ANY of it

We are SO in Westchester


My personal favorite, Somers' fire trucks

Everyone had their oomph back on Sunday.  After running errands, we made the most of the yard and neighborhood for biking and scootering.

Harper looks ready to start a cheer, no?  Ready?  OK!

She LOVES taking Mr. Bun for walks

And she spends a lot of time getting him juuusssst so in his stroller


Once she figures our how to move forward (instead of scooching herself backwards), she is going to REALLY love this dinosaur

Luke has bequeathed his digger to her, as well

Shorts! Spider-Man! Scooter!

Vim & vigor: restored

Riding his bike
This is as close as I got. "I am ringing the bell, that means get out of my way."

There was tennis playing

 And football (not pictured: baseball)

Game delayed by spectator running onto the field for a quick hug

Tickle tackle!

Sweet girl