Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again...


Have you supported Team Lisa yet?

Luke is suiting up for Race Day next Sunday, September 9th.  He is so excited to race with Team Lisa for the FIFTH year in a row!  What's more, he chose "Aunt Lisa's Race" over his school picnic.  

C' can you say no to that face?

Harper supports us!

For anyone who doesn't know, Luke and I do the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure every September with"Auntie Lisa."  We're thrilled to have made the "Pink Honor Roll" for top 125 individual fundraisers in 2010 and 2011 - we'd love to do it again this year!

In 2012, Komen Greater New York City will award $4.2 million to grantees in the New York City area to support screening, support and treatment, education and outreach, and clinical research.  The grants will provide $2.9m to community education programs to support the underserved, underinsured, and uninsured in our community; $100,000 will enable underserved women to enroll in potentially life-saving clinical trials; and over $1.4m has been invested in national peer-reviewed breast cancer research projects.
(seriously, check out her STRUT)
No donation is too small and EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.  What's more, they're tax deductible!
Just go to, click the "DONATE NOW" button to make your donation TODAY!

 PLEASE support Luke and Mommy & TEAM LISA!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Blanket Party -> Fort -> DOOM TRAP

Sunday evenings can be the witching hour at our home - Mom and Dad are trying to do all of the chores neglected all weekend, plus trying to make dinner, plus getting things ready for resuming real life on Monday.  This past Sunday, instead of bouncing off the walls as per usual, Luke and Harper made their own fun.  Mom only got suspicious when it was oh so quiet in their room.

It all started out innocently enough, with an invitation for Mommy and Daddy to join them for a "blanket party."
 And it was all very calm and orderly at first
 And then it got a little crazy blurry
Suddenly a room change was needed to BUILD A FORT!
 Mom suggested using the playhouse as the entrance
As Sunday is Change the Sheets Day, there were many blankets at their disposal
Harper was not afraid
 They were oh so very proud of themselves
(when she learns how to slam doors, we're doomed)
 An annex was added for increased "spookiness"
 Luke's fireman sleeping bag was employed
And Harper added her own touch
But then she took a break to tend after her doll, "Baby Goldfish" (her name, not ours)

 "Night night, baby. Night night, Baby Goldfish."
 She is very methodical about it
I think she needs a swaddling tutorial
Luke beckons from the fort
No idea what thy were up to here
 Finally, Luke dragged Daddy's shoes and hats out of his closet to create the DOOM TRAP (a la an episode of the old Adam West era Batman show he has been watching on repeat)
 "Harper, don't you want to come into the DOOM TRAP?"
 Harper, wisely, was all "Lukey is loco."

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Cutest, Least Effective Cooking Show

Sadly, Luke and Harper's cooking show pilot was NOT picked up by the Food Network.  Maybe it's because Luke has pudding on his face?  Or maybe because Harper's B'jork impression (courtesy of her teacher, Stacy - like she'd let US put 3 ponies in??) was considered passe.  Maybe they thought pizza-flavored cookies were disgusting.  Who can say...we think it's ADORABLE!

See Harper learn about the "spat-chooo-laaaahhh"!
See Luke make "grown up cookies"! (?)
See them actually SHARE TOYS!

( can't see the video?  Go here: )

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation! part the third - culture and stuff

Needing a break from the beach, and with an iffy weather forecast, we took the kids to the newfangled, Dover-located Children's Museum of New Hampshire.  While Mom was sad there was no longer a "radio station" like at the Marcy Street location of her youth, the kids had a blast and Luke is already campaigning for a return.

Upon our arrival, they both dove in - Harper did some excavating for dinosaur bones.  "I brush. MY brush."
 Luke and Daddy headed off to look at gears
Harper made some calls

And EVERYBODY tried on masks!

Don't get any ideas, Santa.

Luke had fun with the green screen
 I think he's at Oktoberfest here?
 And a Mexican festival?
 His favorite, though, was the "Yellow Submarine" exhibit - he sat in this headphones taking the "sounds of the sea" quiz for the longest time [and then made Mama take it with him]
Harper found the "baby area" to be a total snoozefest
 And she was characteristically unabashed about jumping in with the big kids

Or jumping in with total strangers
"Oh, hi, what's for lunch?"
 Again, jumping right in on the "noise wall" (touching and thumping the various pieces produced different sounds)

We made a brief pit stop at the playground outside...
 ...and scene

We went looking for the touch tank at the Isle of Shoals dock that afternoon, but it closed at noon
 There was disappointment

Harper's totally peeved that she's having to watch Fox News in the lobby while we wait for a rainstorm to blow over
So she takes to the stairs in disgust

See you again soon!