Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Law and Order: LMVC

In the Criminal Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the bad guys who perpetrate the crime. These are their stories.

Perhaps he was inspired by his new sunglasses?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring and Things

Well, it's still chilly here in Westchester, but leaves are FINALLY budding, and there have been birds and bumble bees aplenty.  Let's declare it SPRING.  That's our only theme for this one: things we are doing in Spring.

The LITTLE PARK has been getting lots and lots of playtime already.  
(See?  I told you it was still chilly!  Hats and mittens only came out of school backpacks last week!)
That's more like it!
Harper remains unbowed by her age and toddler status.  Whatever Lukey does...
...so does Harper

Rope ladder?  No problem!
Rings?  Lemme at 'em!  
Stuck the landing!
Luke showed her the trick to the climbing wall because "It's a little tricky for me."
BOOM.  First try.
No clue.  This tableau was found in the bathroom after Harper was brushing her teeth.
The "BIG PARRRRK" is also lots of fun.
 And equally undaunting.

 This was some sort of superhero?  
 Someone partied too hard the night before swim class....
 We also discovered/enjoyed Croton Landing
Luke dressed himself.
 The Casey Clinic continues to enjoy a robust business, even on Sunday evenings.
"Let me look for potatoes in your ears."

 SO MANY SHOTS at the Casey Clinic
 Playing catch is Luke's new favorite activity.
 And he got to play with special surprise guest Auntie Fran!  Whose crash course has already come in VERY handy on the t-ball field!
 Aunt Fran: the Life of the Party for all ages.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sharren came for dinner.  They were asked to bring dessert, and boy, did they!  Cupcakes and 3 kinds of icing and many varieties of sprinkles!
 Luke and Harper thought this was THE BEST. (note: CUPCAKE SHIRT)
 The socks issued for t-ball are a little big....
Harper: Wion cannot pour his own tea.
Mama: Why not, Harper?
Harper: Because his paws are SOFFFT.
 Checking on her "cupcakes" in the oven.
"They are SUPER HOT!"
 Mmmm...pepperoni and mushroom cupcakes!
 "I am making a fun confetti cake."
Unfortunately, we had a bit of an ear infection relapse.  Lion was there.
Oh no!  And then he was banished!
(because he was "too wet with tears!" after some massive bedtime whinging on Harper's part)
 All was well by the next morning.  "You're MY jungle aminal [sic], Wion!"
 Lounging at LITTLE PARK.
 2 things we haven't stopped hearing about since Aunt Fran's visit: "roller coaster pushes" on the swings and CUPCAKE SHIRT! (she came bearing hand-me-downs)
 Kitty boots!

Luke went to a birthday party that featured a "prize crane."  He pumped in many of his complimentary tokens despite Mama's warnings about such things.
 And to her surprise, SUCCESS!  Two prizes with one turn!
 Even Lion and Giraffe enjoy the LITTLE PARK.
 Harper showed them how to go down the slide...
 ...and how to climb up the wall...
 ...and we created a handy nest for them to watch Harper play.

 "Bye bye, Baby Goldfish, I'm leavin'!"