Monday, September 24, 2012

Interview with A Toddler

Sorry, guys, but Harper saying "cantaloupe" is my new favorite thing.

Below, we engage her in some very tough questions between dinner and dessert one evening.

Then Luke shakes things up.

The "Harper Casey" is a song Mama made up.
"Down Down" refers to "You're Going Down" from Phineas and Ferb (a Luke favorite. And maybe Mama has sometimes thought about playing the soundtrack when the kids aren't around.  MAYBE)
"Bye Bye Binky" is from Sesame Street.  Ironically, Harper loves it, even though she never had a binky.

And finally, the reward

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When we're not going to the zoo or the fair or lessons or Aunt Sharren & Uncle Charlie's house or birthday parties or Races for the Cure, we hang out at home.

Luke likes to make funny faces for the camera
 Exhibit A
 Exhibit B
 Exhibit C
 Below is his creation for the Superhero pantheon: Baby Commissioner
 "Daddy, pretend you are watching a show about making robots."
 They got some "golf clubs."  Harper kept retrieving the cups/holes

 Oh, she loves Lukey so much
 A lazy weekend morning was spent with Baby Max and Baby Goldfish
 Luke does his best Fred Armisen impression - he just needs to put a bird on it

 Harper can't even deal
Their album cover
More helmets!
 Winter hats were rediscovered
 and shared
 Harper worked on her modeling
 Her best shot for an anthropologie catalog
 Action photo!
 More anthropologie work
 "TA DA!"
 Uncle Joe's bricks are a big hit right now - they love to play with them together
 And Harper loooooves to play with them on her own  - "I pay bicks."
 The Leary Infantines included a fancy coat in a recent hand-me-down shipment.  Harper wants to wear it ALL THE TIME.
 Perfectly acceptable in 80 degree weather, no?

Our condo association put in a new swing set that is handily located across the street from us.  Harper has named it "Little Park," but usually shouted "LITTLE PARRRRRK!"

Was she daunted by the ladder?  Nope.
 Did Luke wear sweatpants when it was sweltering out?  Yep.
 Mama realized the sides were perfect for zooming Matchbox cars
 Luke patiently lets Harper push him on the swings

This is Luke, refusing to open his eyes
 Harper would swing all day if we'd let her.  "I SWINGIN'!"

Their new favorite game is for Harper to swing and "bump" into Luke.  He acts injured.  She laughs hysterically.



Harper tasted her first Mallomar
 And considered it carefully.  She liked it, but not as much as Lukey
 NEW SHOES! were selected and purchased.  Luke claims these make him "speedy fast"
She was in her crib the next night saying "sneeeeakers.  my new sneeeeakers"
Luke put together an ensemble for the unveiling of the sneakers at school on Monday - including the cape Grandma made for him
The Halloween catalogs have begun to arrive.  They are being pored over like sacred texts
Harper discovered the Elmo trick or treat baskets at Target and announced "I WALK AWAY."
They are enjoying their new book from Aunt Roberta - Goodnight Goon.  They especially enjoy it in their new matching mummy jams
Also, this is happening.  Fear not, Luke announced that HE is "in charge of potty training Harper."  That's a load off of Mommy and Daddy.  He sits with her and says "I'm SO PROUD of you, Harper!"  It's very cute.  And she loves practicing!
Goodnight, Goons.