Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Race to the Race - Only 2 Weeks Left!

Another post shamelessly asking you to support TEAM LISA as we do the Komen NYC Race for the Cure on September 13th!

Luke and I are just about 1/2 way to our $2000 fund raising goal for this year's race. Team Lisa has an even more ambitious goal of $15,000, and we're a little more than 1/3 of the way there. We know this year is a financial challenge all around, but there are NO MINIMUM DONATIONS and all donations are appreciated! So look in your coat pockets, check the bottom of your purses, and that weird drawer in the kitchen you never really look in and if there's any spare change, please think about throwing it our way.

Just go to our personal web page for the race, or to Team Lisa's page, and click the "Support Paige" button to donate!

Perhaps I can bribe you with some adorrrrable photos? Look closely, there's a Celebrity Impersonation hidden therein.

Wait for it.

Support Team Lisa.

OK, here you go. ADORABLE!

Luke inherited these pants from the Jacob & Ronan Collection. We can't sort if they're long pants that don't fit right or clam diggers. Either way? ADORABLE.
(Please support Team Lisa)

Luke was spotting some "quack quacks" in the Hudson - this time away from their usual cove & hanging out by our apartment. Note the slick Nantucket Red shorts from the Jacob & Ronan Collection. ADORABLE.
(Please support Team Lisa)

Luke is doing his best Jimmy Breslin here, in my opinion. Jimmy Breslin? Grizzled and cantankerous. Luke? ADORABLE.
(Please support Team Lisa)

A little more of the Blue Steel from Luke and the Hazel Heat from Dad. ADORABLE.
(Please support Team Lisa)

Now if this doesn't charm you into supporting Team Lisa, well, then you're obviously made of stone. ADORABLE.
(Please support Team Lisa)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reunion (more catching up)

Paul's 15 year reunion was back in may, so, only 3 months late, here are a few photos.

Luke hangs out on Founder's Green like his dad back in the day. However I never ate tofu and drank water there

Kicking it in the library

Chasing Balloons

Catching Balloons

Hanging with his BFF Aunt Sharren

Helping Mom stock the beer cooler (and yes he put that hat on himself)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday and Father's Day with The Phillies (catching up)

For a combo Father's Day/ Paige's Birthday celebration, we took Luke to his first Phillies World Champion Philadelphia Phillies game. He took to it quite well, lasting for a regulation game (5 and 1/3innings), pointing at the ball on the field, and spending a lot of time looking around at all of the action on both the field and concourse.

Luke hopped on pop, and had a great time looking around

Luke also made mom and dad quite proud, enjoying a Tony Luke's without, going so far as to pull the meat right out of the bun to get more in his mouth at once. Good to know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Oh wait, what's that? World Championship beer? There must be only one team who can sell that this season.

Luke watching the game with mom and dad, pre-fussiness

What's that flag with 2008 on it? Did something important happen last year?

The Phanatic shooting hot dogs at the crowd. Despite seeing him ride right by on his ATV, we didn't get any free dogs.

Luke on the way out with his new favorite 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies baseball. By the way, that is dad he is on the back of, not Phillies great John Kruk

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oooh, Baby I Love Your Grapes

In addition to berries, Luke also loves grapes. Here, Luke exhibits his new "thing," tucking small objects - most often food - under his chin for, uh, safekeeping? He also busts a move right there at the dinner table.

We're thinking that maybe the multiple grape hoarding could be a fundraising stunt for Team Lisa? Click to sponsor us!

Please excuse his mom, who snorts.