Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TEAM LISA Races for the Cure Again in 2010!

Thursday, September 30th is FIGHT BREAST CANCER DAY. In celebration of that day, a recap of Team Lisa's 2010 Race for the Cure! Huge, gigantic thanks are due to all of you who donated and got us past our $2000 goal - and allowed us to go for $2500. Luke and Mommy are very lucky to have such amazing friends and family who support us every year. This year, however, marked the first year we had a limited time "matching grant" from the best friends ever!

It's not too late to support us - donations are accepted until October 31, 2010 - click here & make a secure, tax deductible donation!

As loyal readers know, Luke and Mommy spend the second Sunday of every September doing the Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure with TEAM LISA. So on September 12, 2010 we suited up (phew! Mom fit into her size L t-shirt!), grabbed Daddy, and headed for Central Park with tens of thousands of supporters, activists, and SURVIVORS (look at all of those pink t-shirts!)!

Team Lisa 2010 - ready to go! Luke was joined this year by Edward - who kindly loaned him a clean, dry t-shirt after an unfortunate juice box incident. Thanks, Edward!

Luke made sure to carbo load before his ride
Photo by Auntie Lisa

And because we're awesome parents, we gave him scissors to play with in the stroller
(NB: we had just gotten them the day before...and they couldn't cut butter)

...Aaaaaand for the third straight year, Luke failed to make it through all 5k awake

But Edward did!

Priorities in order, Luke woke up in plenty of time for our delicious TEAM LISA brunch. Hmmmm...what to order, what to order....
Photo by Auntie Lisa

Yay!! Daddy joined us!
Photo by Auntie Lisa

Look at him making eyes at Auntie Lisa

The first family portrait to include "Chooch"
Photo by Auntie Lisa

Auntie Lisa is far more indulgent than Mommy & Daddy and she showed Luke how to use her camera and set him loose on the brunch table

The Young Artist's Work

Stay tuned for pictures from the Kids for Komen Race at Luke's school - Friday, October 8th!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Feast of the Madonna!

For the first year ever, Luke was old enough to enjoy the real pleasures of Hoboken's annual Italian Festival. Note his ill-fitting shirt. For just a $5 donation, Luke was given an Italian American Police of Northern NJ t-shirt. You know what old Italian cops like? Little boys freaking out about getting a "policeman shirt." He was also loaded up with a bumper sticker, a key chain, a measuring tape, a pen....

He boogied down to the music
Check out those moves!
He saluted the flags
He enjoyed some street fair lemonade
He got to know zeppole - for you New Englanders, they're like fried dough balls.
It only counts if you're coated in powdered sugar

Viva La Madonna!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Luke at the zoo

Luke loves the Zoo, and he loves dancing to the Zoo Songs.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luke & Mommy Race for Cure Again in 2010!

In less than one week from today, on September 12, 2010, Luke and Mommy will join TEAM LISA and thousands of others for the annual Komen New York City Race for the Cure® for the third time. As the world’s leading breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is committed to ending breast cancer forever. By making a donation on our behalf, you are supporting local breast cancer screening, treatment, education and outreach along with national peer-reviewed research programs that will lead us to a world without breast cancer.


Komen Greater NYC has a multi-pronged approach to fighting breast cancer:

  • It addresses the community breast health needs of underserved populations in metropolitan New York
  • It supports essential local education, screening and treatment programs
  • It invests in crucial peer-reviewed research programs being conducted locally and nationally
  • UP TO 75% of the net revenue is used to support local breast health programs and at least 25 percent funds peer-reviewed national and local clinical research

Last year, Luke & I raised over $2000 for Team Lisa thanks to so many of you. Team Lisa raised over $12,000. This year, we want to match last year, and our goal is $2000 once again. Please help us reach that number with your financial support. Online donations are simple, and the site is secure. Please go to and click on the "SUPPORT PAIGE" button above the thermometer and make a tax-deductible donation today!

Luke and Auntie Lisa on Race Day in 2009

Feel free to wager and donate based on the following: Will Luke stay awake for even 1 of the 5 K – for the first time in Race history? Will a very pregnant Paige make it through all 5K, or will she bail & take a taxi? WIll she even fit in the t-shirt?!? Will Luke fill up on the bread basket at post-race brunch?


  • Because the greatest risk factors for getting breast cancer are being female and getting older
  • Because breast cancer knows no boundary be it age, gender, socioeconomic status, or geographic location
  • Because one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime
  • We race because it makes a real difference - just look at all of those pink survivor shirts on our team in that picture to the right - they are a testament to our success.

Most of all, Luke and I race because we love Auntie Lisa and are grateful to have her in our lives.

Thank you everyone for your support!


Paige & Luke

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Better Late Than Never: Summer Vacation 2010 Part 1

Mom, Dad, and Luke went to Portsmouth at the beginning of August, and enjoyed 5 days of Poop Toilets, Ice Cream, Beaches, Ox-Cart Man discussions, more Ice Cream, Trollies, and some more Poop Toilet.

After settling in at the hotel, Luke set about discovering Portsmouth, and enjoyed some dinner at the Portsmouth Brewery.

Luke had lots of fun looking at the boats, and generally running around the waterfront.

The electric tea lights at the Portsmouth Brewery were fascinating and promoted a few rounds of "Happy Birthday."

This was about the point we told Luke that we would go for ice cream after dinner.

On Monday, Luke got ready for a big day sightseeing, equipped with his hat and "camera". All he needs are some tall socks to complete the outfit.

He tried to wrap his head around the fact that Mom and Dad got their wedding photos taken on these steps, and willingly posed for a photo with his best "cheese."

After breakfast we got down to learning, and went to the site of Portsmouth Market, immortalized in the book The Oxcart Man.

Here is Luke and Dad checking it out close up, near the "ice cream street."

Coming up... playing with friends, playing in sand, playing with lobsters