Saturday, October 31, 2009

Choo Choo Too Too

By complete coincidence after the last post, and by dint of some cool hand-me-down overalls from the Jacob & Ronan Collection, Luke was a train engineer for Halloween. For the total of 3 minutes he wore the hat (thanks, Steamtown gift shop!)

On Friday evening, we went to a little party thrown by our apartment complex. Luke was a little overwhelmed by it all, and I don't think he's quite grasped the concept of Halloween. He got a little water out of it, though. He made repeated requests to "sit" and to have "water"

Mostly, though, he started at the big kids running around

He did take time to prove that he's not afraid of some stupid sparkly skeleton. Paul showed it to him, and he immediately kissed it. (he's weird)

On Saturday, even though it fell right at nap time, we took Luke to Hoboken's annual Ragamuffin Parade. Before the parade got underway, he and Dad got to take a close look at one of Hoboken Engine 1's cool fire engines!


Mostly, though, he seemed to find it all a bit overrated

Once the parade got underway, he again took a strict spectator role.

And rejected his hat time and again

What we did find out is that we should have conceived a costume that involved Mom's winter gloves and Ezra Jack Keats' Peter's Chair. He spent the better part of Friday evening and Saturday morning wearing the gloves and carrying the book around, announcing his readiness to "GO"

And he was very serious about it

And even resisted photos

Again with the seriousness

And here he is yelling at Mom to "GO OUT"

And he tried to jump start the out-going

But mostly, he was a sweet guy in a funny outfit

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Choo Choooooooo

Well, Luke certainly figured out the story with Mom's Huffy Puffy train. All of a sudden this evening, he was determined to put in some quality time with the "choo choo." Mom or Dad pushing the train - especially into him - is just flat out hilarious. Sure, he's covered in daycare toddler crud and parts of his dinner, but I couldn't resist.

The discerning ears can make out his new buzzword, "Peeeese?" as he asks Dad to run into his foot with the train some more. (he also has "thank you" down, but that still requires s little prompting) Once he discovered a well placed "peeeese?" with the head tilt gets him cookies and toys and bubbles and Cookie Monster, he upgraded it in his vocabulary toot sweet. Just ask Aunt Tanya. (don't get him starrrrrted on Cookie Monster - so popular that all TV programming and the TV itself are "Cookie." Elmo, on the other hand, is a nameless monkey, prompting his "Ooo Ooo Ooo" monkey call)

[NB: it is highly likely that only blood relatives will sit through the entirety of this clip, and possibly only those of the grandparent variety]

We'd also like to remind you that Saturday, October 31st is the last day that donations to TEAM LISA will count toward our fundraising goal. Should you be feeling some Halloween spirit, please give by visiting or click on the link in the upper right corner!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Obvious Child

We went to Scranton this past weekend to visit Luke's Grandma & Grandpa Casey. I'll let Paul cover the rest of the trip, but suffice it to say that Luke really enjoyed Grandpa's pancakes....

Really, really, REALLY enjoyed them

And then he had to dance about it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Best Thing about Jersey City

A few weekends ago, we took Luke to Liberty State Park - Jersey City's best kept secret! It has an amazing playground, and a lovely walkway where you are "within swimming distance" of both Liberty and Ellis Islands (so says Paul).

We had a lovely picnic

And we posed with the sights

Overall, however, Luke wasn't too impressed with the statue or the view

But holy crap, the playground was fun (and huge!)

And watching this guy...paraglide?... and all of the kites being flown was fun

Sitting on the ground is fun. Making Mom sit with you: funner

Hydrating is the most fun of all!

He Likes Neeeeeeectarrrrrreeeeeeeens

I know a baby

He likes to eat

He chomps all morning

When he sits in his seat

He don't eat chicken

Or most cheese

he don't eat peanut butter, or any of these....

(The Caseys, Conerys, and Casey Conerys among you may recognize those PJs - he's the 4th little boy to wear them - including Daddy!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

This summer, Luke had a good time getting to know zoos. Mom & Dad took him to the Turtle Back Zoo two times, and Mom and Auntie Lisa took him to the Central Park Zoo.

Sometimes, driving Luke places is like having our own little Secret Service Agent in the back of the car

When we got to Turtle Back on our first visit, we got right in line for a train ride

Luke had a pretty good time on the train, though he was mostly in shock with excitement

We also rode on the carousel - he's riding on a polar bear here. GO U BEARS!

The second time we visited, he rode with Daddy - on a lemur.

He also climbed on a "quack quack" in the playground

And checked out their 2 penguins

When Mom & Auntie Lisa took him to the Central Park Zoo, we all made a bee line for the polar bear exhibit

But mostly Luke was excited about going "glug glug" at the water fountain

And here, Luke is trying to charm the man sitting behind him, who had a cell phone that looked a lot like Daddy's. The man thought he was being friendly, but really, he wanted at the "mo"

Celebrity Impersonations Part XIII

Those silly party favor glasses from Ronan's party continue to deliver blog fodder. Who knew one impromptu photo shoot could yield so much?

Here, Luke goes Looney Toons and does his best Egghead Jr. Or perhaps his best Chicken Little?
You be the judge.


Looney Toons Egghead, Jr. (Boy, I say, Boy)

Chicken Little