Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quote Reading Unquote

Sure, the book is upside down, but Luke does seem to believe that he's reading, doesn't he?
He had a little cold, so please pardon the snuffling at the end. Most videos these days end up with an extreme close up of a big ol' Luke face.

And doesn't Luke look handsome in his best Bis Cas Fri attire?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ooooh, Strawberries

Luke has really taken to eating grown-up food. He has enjoyed picking off of our plates since he started with "real food," but in the past few weeks, he has abandoned baby food almost entirely and gone for big guy food full stop. Below is an example of his intense focus & enjoyment of some strawberries after dinner on Friday night [a dinner which had included a cracker appetizer, and embarrassing quantity of chicken, peas, and carrots from the chicken pot pie entree dad had made].

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Love Santa V

Finally reaching the end of our Xmas photos, a quick round-up of the Casey-Conery visit to Hoboken.

We had an apartment full of visitors on the 26th, and while Peter and Ian enjoyed the Xbox, Luke enjoyed fun with Uncle Steve:

On the 27th, we went to The Cloisters, where among other things, we saw monkeys hard at work, medieval style

Meanwhile, Peter and Ian did a good job taking care of Luke

By the night of the 27th, Luke, after feeling a little under the weather for a few days, was feeling his oats, and enjoyed dinner at Helmer's

Finally on the 28th, we squeezed in some park time before everyone headed back to Scranton (and then Minnesota). Note the fancy monkey pants that Roberta made.

Of course, before they left, there were plenty of stories...

Whew... it was as exhausting as it looked, but every bit as fun for everyone. Thanks for visiting Peter, Ian, Amy, Roberta, and Steve!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Luke

It is hard to believe it, but Luke turned one on January 31st.

He woke up that day to his brand new present from the Leary Infantines - and oh my goodness, was he excited. His head just about exploded when he saw it (he had gotten acclimated with this toy during his visit with Lucia two weeks ago) and realized that the house! Was at his house! Holy crap!

He got right to work...

Then he took a break to be goofy...and yes, that amorphous blob behind him is Mom, hoping against hope for some extra sleep...
Soon he tired of the bedroom & went out to the living room where he found Grammy & Grandpap's present. They hadn't gotten to the apartment yet, so he could only look and touch - but not open it.
After he got dressed, back to the house!
Bottle break with Grandpap!Then some snuggling with Grammy & a Tube Break (tm) with Grandpap.Finally, Aunt Sharren, Uncle Charlie, and Aunt Tanya came over - and he got so many great presents...
The wrapping paper was fun, too...
He got a big fuzzy dog from Charlie & Sharren...we have named him Walter after his dog friend down the hall.
Dad's gingerbread cake - featuring Spider-Man! (Read: Mom was left to her own devices at Party City)
Luke looks like he could get used to all of this attention, no?
Especially from Auntie Sharren.

He looooved the gingerbread cake...

...but not so much the party hat...

...but that's OK, Uncle Charlie liked it! Sooooo big!

And because it's so darn cute, here's Luke on Super Bowl Sunday, taking a break with Walter.
And last, a video of Luke being serenaded...