Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy - Before, During, and After

First of all, we made it through Sandy safe, sound, and feeling very lucky that our worst was not having power for 2 1/2 days.  Power came back last night and life is slowly going back to normal up here.  Our thoughts are with everyone in Hoboken - our old neighborhood flooded, the hospital where Harper was born was evacuated, and friends are still without power.

With Sandy's arrival looming over us, we knew we had to make the most of Saturday and Sunday.  We spent Saturday morning at the Central Park Zoo.  Harper could not wait to see the sea lions and "the penguins pooping."  (don't ask, it's Mama's fault)
And Aunt Lisa joined us!  And her nephew, Jacob!  [here they are, seeking pooping penguins]

Harper & Jacob: future prom dates!  
A sort of decent picture of the Caseys

Saturday afternoon was spent at a Halloween party at the home of one of Luke's best friends at school.  They do it up!  That's Harper-as-Elmo in the "wittle carrrr" and Daddy, having a great time.

Mama was Hurricane Sandy (we had less than 24 hours notice for this party - a friend's quick thinking saved the day with this costume idea).  After the party  Luke told Mama "there were lots of good costumes at the party, but YOU were the only scary one.  That's good."

Luke and Gavin, so happy together

Harper enjoyed the vampire teeth whistle on the way to swim class the next day

And then.  And then the storm was upon us.  No school or work on Monday and Harper refused to do anything until she had her morning coffee.

We enjoyed electricity all day Monday, up until 11:30pm.  The kids had fun in their "tent," "clubhouse," and/or "dungeon," depending on when you asked.  We all enjoyed a post-nap tea party (the good kind of tea party, that is).  Stuffed animals were invited!

Harper, covered in cookie & hot chocolate, yelling "TEA PARTY!"

We also enjoyed lots of this. "I so cozy!"

The little mummies woke up to no electricity on Tuesday and were given flashlights

And when the rain & wind died down, we all went outside for a walk around the neighborhood

And jumped in puddles

Fun was had with Daddy's Halloween prop

As bedtime got closer, Luke got a little worried about the dark.  Here Harper is trying to cheer him up - look at him trying not to smile. "Don't be scared, Wukey, safe and sound."

But finally!  Power was back on - just in time for trick or treating.  We scoped out one of the few trick or treat friendly neighborhoods with power and headed over.  Harper was VERY excited, as Luke had been building up trick or treating for weeks.  She spent a lot of the ride over yelling "YAYYYY YAYYYY, TICK OR TREATIN'!"
 They were both so excited.

 Luke is making "a scary face" here
 And Harper is, too, here, but she kept bending over while growling for some reason


Inventorying the loot.  Luke had 30 pieces.  He ate one.  He will be checking when he gets home from school today.

Savoring his one piece last night before bubbles & bed.

Harper's first Tootsie Roll...

...ended like this