Monday, June 23, 2008

Celebrity Impersonations V

Despite his abiding love for the Phillies (and respect for the Red Sox) it is hard to deny the resemblance between Luke:

And Queens' own Mr. Met

Just look at similar blue eyes and wide smile. It's uncanny.

Aunt Amy

Luke was lucky enough to get a visit recently from his Aunt Amy, who in turn was lucky enough to get a cheap last minute deal from Northwest. In addition to giving Paul and Paige some much needed relief in the holding a fussy baby/letting Luke sleep on them department we all enjoyed a nice dinner at Maxwells, a (mostly) successful trip to the pool and a water ice treat. Luke even gave an apartment full of adults an added surprise by sleeping until 9 am on Saturday morning, setting a record that hasn't been broken yet.

Despite lots of hot weather, it was a fun weekend for everyone, and Luke was happy to meet his Aunt for the first time.

Here Amy gives a first-person perspective on why football teams that play under domes are ultimately doomed.
Perfected with her other two nephews, Amy demonstrates her excellent ability to put little ones to sleep.

Thanks for the visit!

Coming next: Luke visits the pool and passes out like a party guy in Mexico.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breaking the Law

Before some new posts about Luke's visit from his Aunt Amy, his trips to the pool and father's day, one more picture of general cuteness.

Luke has progressed from flopping over when he sits up to being able to lean against something and sort of support himself. He is a long way from being able to really sit up, but is getting there. His new way to pass the time is to sit in his boppy seat and bobble around and drool.

Even better than just sitting in the seat is sitting closer to eye level. In an attempt to get some groceries put away in the kitchen, Paul put him in the boppy, on the stove. Rather than realizing that Dad was breaking every child safety rule possible, Luke decided that sitting on the stove was about the most fun he had ever had.

He looks scared of the plastic bag in this shot, but shortly before was laughing and laughing.

Whoever can find the most safety hazards first wins the chance to call protective services.

Postcards from the Edge

Luke was recently lucky enough to get one of his first pieces of mail from his Grandma and Grandpa Casey. After listening raptly about their trip to Newport and all the fun they had there, he wanted to look at it a bit closer. However, it wasn't the bright colors or the novelty of his own postcard that attracted him. Instead it was the opportunity to put something new in his mouth.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Luke Does All His Own Stunts

Maine is Vacationland

We packed up the car and visited the Rosella grandparents a few weekends ago. It was Luke's first extended car trip, and he was a total champ - sleeping through 90% of both 5 hour trips. We're now no doubt overly-cocky about it and he will cry and cry and cry should we attempt a long journey again.

Maine was packed with fun and adventures. Paige and Paul indulged in steamers and lobster at Robert's Maine Grill, where Grammy & Grandpap's favorite waitress gave them lots of free treats on top of the delicious seafood in honor of Luke's first visit. Paige didn't share any of her steamers with anyone.

The real purpose of the visit, though, was for Luke to spend lots of quality time with Grammy and Grandpap, and that he did. They were all fast friends who had lots and lots of fun together, as you'll see below.

Luke found his Grandpap to be HILARIOUS.

Luke and Grammy spent a lot of time like this. Note the variety of drool guards in the vicinity.

As above.

More Luke & Grammy time.

Grandpap was teaching Luke about the important role coffee will play in his life one day.

Grammy was still asleep - so Grandpap got to hold him for a while.

Our family friends, John & Cathy Marr, came to visit while Luke was in residence at 7 Bayberry. They brought him the hottest infant toy - the O Ball. O, does he love it. Thanks, Cathy & John!

I have always joked that once Paul crosses the Piscataqua River Bridge into Maine, he immediately grows sleepy and MUST nap once he's at my parents'. Here, he teaches Luke a Proud Casey Tradition.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebrity Impersonations IV

Luke doesn't own a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and he didn't write All in the Family or Sanford and Son, but in his hat he does look like a certain aged TV legend.


Norman Lear:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tiding Over

The Caseys have been busy - Paul was on vacation last week, so there were errands to run and fun to be had visiting Mom's office and wandering around Hoboken on a weekday. We also undertook our first major car trip with Luke - all the way to Maine to visit Grammy & Grandpap. Pics & vids from our trip will come soon, but while we comfort him after his 4-month vaccinations, here are some pictures to tide over Luke's adoring public.

Luke still likes Yo La Tengo, and he likes to ROCK - he even knows how to signal this to others who also like to ROCK.

We have entered the Drool Zone. Here is mixing one favorite activity, drooling, with a least favorite, Tummy Time.

How ridiculously cute is this hat? The onesie has a chinese good luck cat on it. The receipt claimed it was for girls, but I still like it on him. He's just tough enough to carry it off.

A few weeks ago we joined Aunt Tanya and Uncle Rob at Hoboken's BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT (and there will be no debate on this fact), Leo's Grandevous. Mom & Dad were reacquainted with their menu favorites, and Luke put on his F is for Frank t-shirt for the occasion.

Just another day at the office for Luke. At least he has given up his 2 martini lunch habit.

Awwww...Mother's Day.

Luke's big trip into the city to see Dad's office really tuckered him out. He could barely keep the pacifier in his mouth...

...and eventually he gave up on that endeavor entirely and just spit it out. One of these days, he will actually nap in his crib (but as long as he continues to sleep in there at night, I will not complain. Too much).