Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A few videos of Luke & Harper enjoying a post-nap lazy Memorial Day afternoon

This first one captures their relationship in less than 3 minutes - Luke entertains, Harper is delighted; Luke eats solid food, Harper is jealous; Harper loves to jump and smile

More of the same...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Days

We've been busy since our return from Boston - mostly with hanging out and having fun.

Luke continues to enjoy holding hands with Harper in the mornings and requesting a photograph. When did he get so gangly??

Harper graduated from her cradle swing and bouncy seat to her excersaucer! (kindly on loan from the Tiedemanns)

She has also been giving rice cereal a try...

...with some success...

...SOME success.

It seems jackets are behind us for good now, so we went to the zoo! Breaking out bare feet and sun hats and everything!

Luke was tired after a morning of train rides and "feeding sheeps" and carousel rides and bear spotting and...

Another day, Luke and Mommy decided to declare it Wacky Hair Wednesday for no reason other than it was so nice out and we were all in good moods

Harper declined to participate

"Say cheese, watermelons!"

By evening, the wackiness had worn off and Luke & Daddy took in Hoboken's Memorial Day Parade. Luke was sure to bring along his Grand Old Flag.

We also took in Harper's first (and Luke's first that he remembers) Phillies game! Daddy imparted lots of baseball knowledge. [and no, his beard isn't THAT white (yet) - the sunscreen wouldn't disappear!]

Early on, the 90ish degree humidity wasn't getting us too droopy

But the Phillies store was a welcome AC'd respite

And Luke accomplished his 2 main goals for the day
1) Get a new RED Phillies baseball hat

2) Eat ice cream in a little helmet

By this point, we were all PLENTY droopy

But, even though Chooch didn't play OR Jimmy Rollins (Mommy's favorite), Utley was back in rotation and the Phils won!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photo Shoot!

Somewhere, Harper's Great Grandmother Stewart - a woman known to like an animal print or two (thousand) - is loving her in these adorable hand-me-down jams from Carmen & Lucia.

Weekend in New England

It was time for Harper to meet our bestest Boston friends, the Leary Infantines. And it was definitely time for Luke to hang out with 4 of his favorite ladies - Lucia, Carmen, Auntie Fran, and Auntie Mer. We packed the car and headed north!

Saturday started out with some pancakes and PJs. Mmmmm. Look at how big "Baby Carmen" is now!

And Lucia played peek-a-boo with Harper. She was very good at this game and Harper loved, loved, LOVED it.

Auntie Fran led some story time
And then we went to the Boston Museum of Science (where it's fun to find out)

Here, Luke spins a helicopter engine thing?

Wasp engine!

Not finding out what his voice really sounds like...
...or what makes an ocean wave wave

...or what it's really like in space. But Lucia was good at showing Luke all the best stuff!

Meanwhile, Harper chilled out on Mom
Next time, I'm hoping for the dolphin show and starfish and walking like a penguin at the New England Aquarium!

When we got home, the younger siblings plotted their eventual revenge

Look at the mischief in those eyes...TROUBLE!

Carmen, not allowed outside without a sweatshirt, attempts a workaround (TROUBLE)

Sweatshirts donned, Uncle PJ/Daddy helped the kids plant some flowers in the backyard

And Harper hung out showing off her mad tummy-time skillz

More PJ Playtime on Sunday - they all took turns "cooking" each other. Here, they're making "Lucia Stew"

And "Luke Soup"
We're not sure with whom Luke is most enamored - Lucia or Auntie Fran (life of the party)
The three of them opened a "cafe" on the sofa. Again, check out Carmen, keeping her eye on the camera...

Finally, sadly, reluctantly, the car was packed and it was time to go back to Hoboken. I think Luke was tired.
Yay for friends!