Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gobble Gobble Is What He'll Say

The run-up to Thanksgiving found the Caseys a little run-down.  So we indulged in some lazy weekend mornings.  
 Luke had a bout of pink eye, requiring us to hole up at home.  Harper had requested "a little computer, so I can do work while Baby Goldfish is sleepin'".  Mama whipped one up!
 Harper put Baby Goldfish down for a nap and go to work right away!
 After a folly breaking a geode, Daddy developed a new appreciation for Uncle Joe's trade.
Dr. Harper checked Daddy.
 Dr. Harper was on call last weekend - her pager was blowing up.
 Mama got to visit Luke's class for their Thanksgiving celebration - Mrs. Bassak and Ms. Shebanie taught Team BASH how to churn butter!
 Everyone got a turn!
Afterwards, Mama took Luke out for Starbucks.  He made a call on his Rice Krispie Treat phone.
And Harper's feast in the Giraffe Room was on Wednesday.  They put on quite a show!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ain't We Got Fun?

Dress up continues to be a grand pastime at Casa de Casey - here SUPERGIRRRRRL battles the...uh...Old Prospector?
 Luke didn't have any school on Veteran's Day, so rather than spend another day in "day camp," he and Mama decided a day in the city might be fun.  Here they are waiting for the train.
 A pro at straphanging!  Or at least on pole-holding.
 We met up with Aunt Slater!
Check out that toddler behind us, trapped in her 5-point harness, knowing instinctively that she is missing out on all the Aunt Slater Fun.
We visited Toys R Us in Times Square to do some Christmas List Research.
Luke took this picture "to show Harper."

Aunt Slater treated Luke to a Lego Chima set - he was quite excited once we got it all together!


Aunt Slater also had him pick out some Legos for Harper - which he promptly put together before she got home from school.  She's doing karate!

Harper attended her first "friend birthday party" a few weekends ago.

The parachute... still delights the preK set.
 Last weekend, with soccer over and no obligations, we declared it a KIDS' CHOICE DAY.
Naturally, they picked LEGOLAND.
Luke built a race car.
And raced very seriously.
We finally made time to take a "Master Builder" class. 
Guess what this will be?
Mama's partner, Harper, did a surprisingly good job following along.
Halfway there!
Paul and Luke did a great job, too!
Turkey complete!
Up a steep and very narrow stairway!
To family yoga class!
(no one in yoga ever gets this reference)
Guess who was teacher's pet?
Hint: Not Mama.  Not Luke.
Pirate.  Packers fan.  Baby doll mama.  
It's hard being almost-3.
Mama has been on a mad organizational tear - Harper's old changing table/dresser was converted in an arts and crafts supply station.  Behold! The order!  And random set of Lego wheels...dammit.
Kid kitchen and baby doll accoutrements were reorganized downstairs - again, success!
As I said, Luke had his last soccer game of the season, guesting on bestie Gavin's team.
They have the perfect blendship, no?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Elaine.

Before she acquired any more rhythm, Mama made it her mission to capture Harper's...special...way of dancing for posterity.

To whit.

Honorable mention for Luke's work on his boy band moves.

For reference, you kids of the 90s might remember a little show called Seinfeld, and Elaine Benes's signature moves:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Luke's. Fall. Book.

One recent evening, while Mama was working on her own project, Luke sat down at the kid desk and knocked out this future bestseller.  
The arrows really help the reader follow the plot.

Jumping in leaves.  Saying "woooo!"
Playing basketball with a mystery friend.
Carving a jack-o-lantern with Harper.  If you've seen our dining area, this is a very good representation.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumnal Bouillabaisse

Days are shorter, air is colder, and it actually snowed a little this morning.  YAY.
Fortunately, Luke is well-outfitted with spider gloves from Grammy.
We carved a jack-o-lantern this year, and it was cold enough to keep it from getting mushy before Halloween.
We visited LEGOLAND's Brick or Treat event - collecting the bibs and bobs that make up the LEGO pumpkin Luke's modeling below.
At LEGOLAND, all the employees wear LEGO guys on their name tags.  You can ask to trade a LEGO guy you have for one from the employees.  Luke dug through Daddy's stash for all of the faceless, one-eyed, hobbled misfits in advance of our trip.
4D movie fun!
Harper entered the Wizard's Potion Room and rode the ride!
Mama needed glasses for her Halloween costume.  Harper has taken them over and gave late 70s realness in this picture.
We went to Teatown to crunch in some leaves.  "Stand by the sign so we can take a picture," said Mama.  Hardy har har.  NERDS.
Wherever did they get so smart alecky?  Hmmm....
Nerds of a feather!
Luke set about making a "fairy house" on the trail.
Harper was permitted to provide minimal assistance.  Or, rather, given the task of finding "the right leaves," that were almost entirely rejected by Luke.
She didn't mind.
Or give up.
Former Boy Scout Daddy stepped in to help the structure acquire some lean-to-it-ness.
Why yes, he DID wear his cleats for a nature walk, why?
Finished product!
Walking stick!
Before the Kings' annual Halloween party, the kids helped Mama make Kiss Cookies.
Daddy read a magazine.
Unwrapping kisses!
Eating kisses!
Daddy, still reading his magazine!
Deeeeelicious.  Thumbs up from Harper!
Toy catalogs have begun the annual deluge.  The kids have spent many an evening studying them.  On one evening, after asking if she could have everything on every page of the catalog, and finally hearing Mama's response of "put it on your Christmas list!" Harper set to making one toot sweet.
It required alllll the pencils.
Her list. Per her, it reads: 
"Dear Harper, This is what she wants, OK? It is the owl house on the magazine, OK?"
The huh on the what now?