Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spooky Lukey 2010

So we knew that his costume (or, in his parlance, "cos-t-yoooom") fit "jussst right," and we and school had spent the last week in October talking up all of the fun of Halloween in Hoboken. School "Fall Festival!" Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade! Trick or treating! Pumpkin carving! He was prepped & ready for the big weekend. (and Dad was hoping to catch a glimpse of NBC's Natalie Morales)

On Friday AM, Luke was dressed and ready for school in record time. Just before leaving the apartment, he decided that he needed his "Dalmatian Dog" to complete his ensemble. It was his last dash of whimsy, I guess

On Saturday he took his costume for a brief spin, driving the "fire truck" (our sofa), and then running a quick errand with Daddy. He then put his costume away "to keep it nice and neat" for Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, we headed out for Hoboken's Ragamuffin Parade - think he was excited? While there were several firemen to be seen, no others had their trusty dog, Dalmatian Dog, with them

After weeks of talking about going to see the fire house in his costume and showing them his jacket, and his boots, and his hat, and his pa-yants, when we got there he was so excited he could barely react....

...let alone interact with this kind, patient fireman who took the time to try to coax a smile from Sphinxy (note the matching jackets)

"He didn't like parades just passing by him...." so he busted a move to the music from one of the floats

Mom introduced him to her favorite candy, Reese's peanut butter cups, being sure to teach him to smell it before eating it (because the smell is MAGICAL)

Dalmatian Dog held his hat

On Sunday night, Daddy took Luke out trick or treating to HoBOOken's spookiest 4 square blocks - check out the giant spiderweb! Luke came home and told Mommy, "I was a little scared, but it was just pretend"

After trick or treating, Luke & Daddy got down to pumpkin carving (Luke had requested a "happy pumpkin"). [the hat was his newborn hospital cap that was uncovered in the cleaning efforts for new baby sister that are underway. He looks Amish, no?]

This time it's Daddy making him smell something. The yardstick, you ask? Why it's his guitar slung on his back (or tucked into his pants' waistband)

Behold! The happy pumpkin!