Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holiday Photo Shoot

In an effort to capture a decent family photo some time before we're paying college tuition, we implored our friend and fantastic professional photographer, Sean Sime, to take some pictures of us this past fall.  While we never managed to get both kids happy (or non-goofy) at the same time, we're in love with the results.  Paige's favorites are below.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Harper!

 Maybe we should find a new name for the blog, seeing as Baby Harps has been around for A WHOLE YEAR now? (How did that happen?)

As her birthday fell on a Saturday, we held a little party on the very day - with lots of Aunties (and Uncle Charlie) and friends coming to visit and play and see the new digs in Ossining.

A great evening was had by all...she's such a lucky lady to have so many great people in her life.  

Luke had a great time, too.

CLICK HERE to see all of the pictures!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Just when you thought we went away, we are back, in time for Halloween '11.

After a viewing of Toy Story, Luke declared that despite his oft-stated desire to be a fireman again for Halloween, he now wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. Dad managed to talk him into being a "real" astronaut, and a costume was procured.

When it arrived a few weeks ago, one fitting was allowed to help build anticipation. And then he promptly informed all and sundry that his costume "had arrived."

Finally, despite questioning why "there were no bats outside," Luke went off to school with his costume and got to wear it for most of the day. Mom and Dad surprised him early at school, and took him and Harper for some quality trick-or-treating, Westchester style.

What was Harper? Glad you asked.

Are you familiar with space monkeys?

The dynamic duo

Solo Astronaut

Things that are scary:
Freddy Kruger (AKA "The guy with poky hands")
Spy vs Spy (Mom's vote for most awesome costume by 2 pre-teens)
Big Spiders

Things that were not scary:
Buzz Lightyear
"That kid with the sword"
Heads on pikes

Working hard for his candy

Coming soon: We step back in history and look at pumpkins in the snow, "punchy" face, and pajama day, among other things.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Red (and white) Bicycle

We are moving next weekend - leaving Hoboken and settling down in Ossining, NY. Grandpap Rosella promised Luke a new bike - a RED bike with a BELL - for the new house. We told Luke we'd go pick out his bike (that we had scouted for him in advance) this weekend. He started asking when the bike store would open at, oh, 7am. "Does it open in, like, 5 minutes?"

So he spent some time in his "club house" (aka a packing box)

And then we went to our favorite sushi place one last time and Luke and Harper entertained each other. Oh, but first! We went to Stan's Sporting Goods to buy Luke a proper Hoboken t-shirt. That he insisted on putting on at lunch.
(Check out Harper rocking the high chair!)


Finally! The bike store. Luke was so excited, he couldn't even smile properly or react to anything.

We got it out on the open road. Er, sidewalk. It took him some time to sort out the pedaling & breaking.

But progress was made.

Thumbs up for the new bike!

Trying to smile, but just wants to stare at his BELL

Ringing his bell


Friday, August 5, 2011

On the Day He Went to Sea...

It was talent show day at school today, and Luke's class workshopped a little ditty about life a-plundering on the high seas. Arrrrr!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Waving & Hanging Out

Mommy's parenting win for the week was dumping all of the "Harper-safe" toys into a bin and plunking it down next to Harper. This is her new favorite activity - sitting next to it taking things out, putting them back in, being surprised all over again when a favorite reappears...

Luke and Daddy were decamping to Home Depot to look at grills (!) for our soon-to-be-new-home. Watch Harper's face light up when Luke approaches, and again when Daddy enters the room. This isn't her first could be wave, but the first caught on tape - what do you think?

(please note that her hair is OUT OF CONTROL despite the most valiant attempts to tame it)

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Little Yogini

Like the dainty little princess she is, Harper attempted to hit a milestone wearing a diaper with sweet potatoes up her nose and in her hair (while her brother showers...spiritedly...in the next room).

You may recall that her brother took an uncoventional route to crawling (at 11 mos). Mommy & Daddy are enjoying the novelty of a more standard approach (at 7 mos).

In her attempts to crawl, she has executed some textbook cobra, plank pose, sphinx, and downward dog. Sometimes she even tries in clothes.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spend Their Weekends on the Jersey Shore

Mama had to return to work on the 20th, so an invitation to pretend Monday wouldn't come by joining the Scotts down the shore in Cape May for Father's Day weekend was too good to pass up. We packed a bunch of sandwiches and snacks and our bathing suits and LOTS AND LOTS of sunscreen and headed south on the Garden State Parkway!

Upon our arrival, Luke and Jacob got down to hole-digging business. Daddy and Harper supervised

Daddy tried to get a nice picture with Harper "Wigglesworth" Casey

Paul admits defeat
When not digging holes, Luke ran up and back and up and back from the ocean to "the shore" all afternoon

Daddy and Harper try to pose again...
Hmm...what's Lukey up to over there?

Hey, where'd Lukey go?

Almost frame-worthy! (Ok, frame-worthy for Mommy's desk)
Luke's playin' it coooool
Thank you for seeing into the future and buying us this awesome picnic gear, Minnesota! It ROCKED and was the envy of all who were with usLuke was pleased as punch with himself to join Auntie Sarah on her blanket (if you look closely you can see he has his sunglasses on top of his head a la Mommy & Auntie Sarah)
Luke and Ronan took a stab at hole digging
While Daddy and Harper had it made in the shade
Who's the cutest bathing beauty in her new bathing suit? (Purchased specifically to go with Luke's old lobster hat)
And every trip to Stone Harbor must include a purchase of ice cream from the ice cream guy. Luke chose a Fudgeicle this time....and unlike last year, did NOT drop it in the sand and lose it to a seagull (progress!)

The next morning, Harper was free and breezy at the Jarmer manse
And pancakes and bacon were enjoyed by ALL