Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation! Part 3.

I think there may have been something in the water at the beach, you guys...
Oh, no, just the free kid gift at the hotel.

Luke and Harper love hotel life.

Once again this year, we spent the bulk of our trip in Portsmouth.
Every night, as in years past, we walked by this (newish) welcome sign, and every night we tried to get a good picture.  Harper dubbed it "Letter Rock."
The retractable pirate knives suddenly seeming a bad idea...
Hulk stopped by Letter Rock!
Not quite kids, look happy!
OK, better, now look at the other camera!
Daddy bought a Moxie hat.  Luke quickly appropriated it.
A kind stranger took a decent family shot.

First things first: POOP TOILET! at Macro Polo.
We enjoyed walking around every evening.  And Harper got in some snuggles with Lion on the way...
Katie and Suri have nothing on Mama and Harper.
Or Maybe Harper thinks her last name is Beckham?
We ate at all of our favorite places - and Luke built Knight Castles while we waited for our NACHOS
"Is this a very mild salsa?"
Kid nachos were had on our first and last nights in Portsmouth.
And of course we had lots of ice cream!
"Can I try yours?"
All of the ice cream meant lots of running off ice cream energy!
Both of them.
Definitely Bowdoin material.
Crazy sky backdrop
There were cuddles...
...and hugs
...and chit chat
...and checking out Daddy's Vacation Beard (tm)
"It is very tickley!"
Between Ice Cream, Poop Toilet and Letter Rock was "Da Sharrrk!"  Harper LOVED this mural.
Luke and Daddy did, too.
We visited "The Lobster Place" (aka Robert's Maine Grill) twice, too!
Harper smelled Mama's beer.
Vacation Cheers!
The kids were introduced to Skee-Ball at the Fun-O-Rama
And they watched salt water taffy being pulled at the Goldenrod on York Beach
And also wrapped
And you KNOW we taste-tested the salt water taffy!
Our last morning found us checking out the visiting Tall Ship - the USS Barque Eagle!
Checking out some of the 200+ ropes on board
Steering the ship!
Ahoy! Pirates captured Luke!
Guess who wants to be a pirate for Halloween now?
(when he doesn't want to be Captain America)
While there, we took time out to make cards for soldiers with the Pease Greeters
Someone's getting a sticker-riffic card from Harper!
This is Luke's.  He specifically asked how to spell "Great Job America."
On our way out of town, we made one last stop...
I was forced to eat him, he looked so delicious!
Mostly, vacation was a great time to just stop and smell the flowers!

Harper isn't the only Casey skilled at mugging for the camera...