Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Casey Collection

Last month we took a trip to Scranton.  While we were there, we went through some clothes that belonged to Daddy's older sisters, Aunt Amy and Aunt Roberta.  Harper has been rocking some of them already, to many compliments, of course.

She busted out the apron that Grandma Casey's Grandma made for her when she was a little girl right away. (I think I got the provenance right?)

Grandma Casey made this dress for strawberry fan, Roberta.  Harper's also showing off her newfound stair climbing skills.

Accessorizing with Mr. Bun 

This one is Mama's mod favorite - it looks like Boden would have it on sale today, no?  This is "vintage" Marshall Fields.  And Luke photo-bombing in his swimwear.

Without the barrette, but with a look of distrust.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fist Pumping Down the Shore

This year, our becoming-a-tradition weekend down in Cape May Courthouse/Stone Harbor with the Scotts fell in sync with Mommy's birthday.  It also fell on the becoming-a-tradition hottest stretch of days thus far this year.  Yay for the beach!

It was so. bloody. hot. when we got there on Thursday evening that we turned the sprinkler on for the kids while the grown ups figured out dinner. Ronan & Luke were equally excited by the water being on as they were by running around outside in their superhero underwear.

Luke and Ronan took turns spraying each other, despite frequent instructions to PUT IT DOWN!


Harper joined them without hesitation

And slowly peeled off clothes

Gardening in a diaper with Auntie Sarah.


...and it devolved into this.

GTL is important down the Shore.  
Luke forgot the "T."

The next day we went to the beach as soon as possible.  Unlike her brother on his first trip to the beach, Harper dug right in (pun intended) and took ownership.

[NB: cheeks are rosy from OVEN LIKE HEAT, not lack of sunscreen]

Much of the afternoon was spent tending to this hole and its accompanying mound of sand.

Into her suit!  And hat!

Luke and Daddy checked out the surf.

Harper LOVED the sand.

It's the first thing we've seen that keeps her from running around like a crazy baby.  She stayed PUT.

Mama highly recommends spending all birthdays exactly like this.

Mud treatment included.

Lunch break! Note the ominous skies...we were soon kicked off the beach for a crazy hours-long cell of electrical storms.  Also note Ronan attempting to transfer Cheez from his Cheeto to his Quake.

We wrapped up with breakfast the next morning.  Future prom dates!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Week with Wally

 Luke's class has a mascot, Wally the Koala (he is in "the Koala Room"), and each week, a different friend gets to bring Wally home.  The kids report back to the class on his adventures in a photo diary.  Wally happened to come home with Luke for one of our craziest weeks ever!

Luke strapped them in on the way home!
(just kidding)

 Luke was SO EXCITED to finally get his turn with Wally!

 On Friday, Wally came along with Luke on his first ever dentist appointment.  Wally showed Luke it wasn't so hard by letting Dr. Bianchi count his teeth first

Then we went to Daddy's office where Wally checked his email
 And did some work with Luke
 And checked out the lobby furniture
 FINALLY we got to go to lunch 
 Luke and Wally polished off 3 poached eggs, toast, fruit, and bacon

On Saturday, all four of us headed back to HOBOKEN! for haircuts at Imago.  Miss Andrea gave Luke & Wally a trim

Wally borrowed Harper's stroller - all that city walkin' is hard on a Koala!

 Wally tried to eat the pizza (look closely, Luke is making chewing noises)
 Luke and Wally pretended to order ice cream from the "big ice cream outside"

11 blocks later, we were at MAXWELL'S!  Our former Friday Night Usual...sigh
 Luke ordered Mac & Cheese and shared the salad with Mommy and Wally
 Harper ate ALL OF IT

We made a pit stop by the site of the first baseball game

We wrapped up by showing Wally the view

On Sunday, it was time for Ronan's pirate birthday party!  Everyone rested up on the drive...

Wally & Harper were too little for the bounce house
 Wally didn't mind - he enjoyed the sun
 And got a "scurvy dog" balloon animal

 A good time was had by ALL.  Especially Miss Fashion Plate Wardrobe Change

Some of you may know that Luke fell at school and had to get stitches...

So on Monday, Wally joined Luke in the stitches-removal appointment...and helped him play "Cut the Rope" in the waiting room

Dr. Hassan took good care of Luke and Wally - Luke was VERY brave

Celebratory lollipop!

(almost done!)

Before heading back to All Aboard and visiting a new friend, Mr. Bun thought maybe Wally should have some bubbles.  (Plus, Luke's teacher, Michelle, had suggested it...)

Into laundry bags for safety, guys!

Get in there, Wally!


and a quick spin in the dryer...


Thanks for visiting, Wally - come back anytime!