Friday, July 27, 2012

Pre-Vacation Photo Dump

We are packing up & taking off for 6 days of lobster and beaches and low(er) humidity, but before we strap everyone in the car & go, here are some catch-up pictures to tide everyone (Grammy) over in our absence.

Awww, friends
Oh, but Harper is honing her little sister skills
 Matching firefighter jams!  [Luke picked them out]
 A little picnic waiting for the splashpark to open
Harper is not afraid
 Of anything

 A meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society convenes over Crocs
 Luke, wearing Crocs that were handed down to us for future use by Harper...
"Luke's Clubhouse" was busted out during a rainy streak. 
Harper was undeterred by the sign
Success!  PWN!
 Story time in the accompanying set of matching firefighter jams

 Harper, hanging out with Maggie at Aunt Sharren's house, post sprinkler fun

 Do you think Harper was tired & ready to go home?
 Luke and his friend Genna (of the hand-me-down Crocs above) enjoy hippie ice pops at the Ramsey, NJ farmer's market.  They really were having fun, despite their faces here
 What did Luke & Harper think was the MOST FUN EVER?  Why, sitting in the crib eating apples, of course.  Lukey loves Harper.
 Harper loves Lukey.
 Luke is a ham
 Luke is done with the paparazzi


"Look, Harper," said Luke, in his most learned tone, "this is where Fig Newtons come from."
 Wearing Uncle Joe's "construction worker hat" to the Italian Festival
 Harper enjoyed the cannolis, thank you very much
The other night, after a good 15 minutes of clinking, clanking, and general rustling in the kids' room after lights out, Luke appeared at the top of the stairs.  "I accidentally thought we were going on vacation tomorrow so I packed my little suitcase with some things and 100 coins."  We were dying to find out what that meant, but had to wait for the next morning.  Sure enough...
 Luke put this ensemble together for a pre-vacation book retrieval trip to the library.  Very early-to-mid 90s grunge

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Father's Day & Moving Up Day

How is June over already?!?  And July is well underway??  Alas...

The end of June brought Father's Day and (on Mama's birthday) Moving Up Day for Luke - going from being a "little kid" in the Koala Room to a BIG kid. 

After letting Daddy sleep in, we all took him to our favorite diner for brunch.  Harper apparently had a side order of see food platter.  Yuk yuk.

 Paul didn't fare much better than Mama in getting a "nice" photo

So we bribed her with "bubble water" (seltzer)
 And Luke had some...

 Then he had to do something...

Finally, we had to settle for a "wacky faces" photo

Moving up day, on the other hand, was a grand (if poorly lit) success!  Here are the Koalas wearing "shirts" that represent what they'll be when they grow up.  Luke will be a Green Bay Packer.  And by that number, I'd say he'll be the QB?

Singing and signing "Leaves of Autumn"

 He wore his new U of S shirt from Grandma & Grandpa "with the tie.  So I will be fancy."

Singing with his friends and teacher, Michelle

 Birthday/Moving Up hug!
Official Big Kid