Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Pre-Game

Since Luke will be spending Christmas with the Caseys, the Conerys, and the Casey Conerys in Scranton, Grammy & Grandpap Rosella sent his presents to Hoboken. Many of them will be coming with us in our sleigh this week, but one present was so big that we decided that 1) it won't fit in our car, and 2) he should get to open it early to enjoy it a little before he's awash in loot.

After a long weekend of a lot of being cooped up because of cold & snow, we let Luke crack open the big box while dinner was cooking. (please ignore that our apartment is upended by several projects - including packing, baking cookies, gift wrapping, making dinner, and clean up after an afternoon playdate)

I think he likes it.

And he's grateful, too!

Snow Snow Look at the Snow

While we had some snow when Luke was but a newborn, and a bit last winter, this weekend's "blizzard" was the first snow that Luke was old enough to care about/be aware of. After dinner on Saturday night, we took Luke out for a walk before bubbles & bed.

We got him alllll bundled up in his cold weather gear (fortunately Miss Kellie at daycare had been teaching them about hats, gloves, and boots!) and we were ready to head outside!

Luke took his time to get acclimated

Daddy tried to teach him to catch snowflakes on his tongue...

But after a few minutes outside in some heavy snow and bracing wind, we were all dusted with snow. Luke did not like this and became convinced/concerned that he was covered in something "yucky." So we walked on the snowless part of the sidewalk.

And as a reward for him being a trouper, we went around the corner to see the inflatable decorations on a neighbor's stoop - including a choo choo and a Santa (Luke calls him "Grandpa"). He was done walking in this "snow" business and Daddy had to carry him all the way home.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Only a few months later...

I thought that we should get photos of Luke in Scranton posted before we make our return trip to visit The entire Casey/Conery Clan. We went in October after postponing a week due to illness.

First Luke had a good time watching Grandma make Grandpa's Birthday Cake (probably more than eating the cake itself)

He made sure he kept things clean in the dining room

Which he needed to do after eating lots of pancakes

Of course he made plenty of time to play with the gate

and to collect leaves

Survey the property with Grandpa

Walk up and down the steps

read stories with Grandpa

and read the paper

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Lurkey Lukey

Luke went to Grammy & Grandpap Rosella's new house for Thanksgiving this year. He had a great time making himself at home, playing with his cousins, and visiting the first of Pittsburgh's many museums.

Luke quickly discovered Grammy's spare gloves and enjoyed wearing them around

He and Grandpap spent some time discussing serious matters

He had stories with Grammy & Grandpap before bed

And on Thanksgiving, he had a grand time playing with his cousins, Simon & Chloe - specifically Simon's cool Batman cars

On Friday, we went to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (which fortunately, unlike its website, does not play "the chicken dance song" on a loop). He enjoyed the sand table

And he did his Great Uncle Joe proud by using the bricklaying tools so well!

We also spent some time looking at the Mr. Rogers exhibit - here Luke gets a look at Daniel Striped Tiger, after which his lovey is named

And we sang some Mr. Rogers classics at the player piano

When we got home, he "shared" some crackers with Grammy & Grandpap

And organized Grammy's spices

I like this picture. It's wicked artistic.

Finally, Luke ended his trip by spending some quality time with Grammy & Grandpap's broom all while sporting his new sweatshirt from Grandpap

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa's Cutest Elf

While Luke has his trip to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving this week, he has not let that distract him from training hard for Christmas in Scranton with the Caseys, the Conerys, and the Casey Conerys. Just today, in fact, he stopped repeating "Ian" for "Amy" (sorry, Ian).

And as an added bonus, Grandpa isn't the only one who is mistaken for people in print. The illustrator of Luke's new Cookie Monster book did a self-portrait in the back of the book, and, well....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday in the Park with Ben

Today, Mom and her friend, Sara, hatched a plan to wear out their boys before their afternoon naps. Luke and Ben go way back, and have a better and better time playing with every visit.

Luke enjoyed riding the "choo choo" while holding his ball (and then throwing the ball so Mom could chase it)


He spent a moment missing Daddy, who is in DC on business
But then he got his ball back, and everything was fine

He and Ben commandeered another kid's car and had a grand time together. First, Luke pushed Ben...

...And then Ben pushed Luke

And then there were crackers and hugs

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to the ool (there's no P in it, let's keep it that way)

A quick post that has been sitting around for weeks (as you can tell) summing up our trips to the pool this summer.

One one trip, Luke wore his "read to me" romper (thanks Grandma Casey) and insisted on carrying a bottle of soap, and touching everything on the way

He had lots of fun in the pool, especially after we realized that a ball would increase the fun, and spent some time "swimming" in addition to being held.

However, next to swimming in the pool, he had fun getting dry and snuggling with Mom while eating snacks and watching the other kids in the pool.