Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I Cook"

Luke has recently developed an eagerness to help Mommy and Daddy in the kitchen. This past Sunday, Luke got to advance from a mere spectator or occasional stirrer to Daddy's sous chef!

A project was selected

While Daddy prepared the kitchen, Luke was given the task of putting the muffin papers in the pan

He took it very seriously

He was ready to cook!

He whisked the eggs

Check out this action photo

He watched Daddy add the dry ingredients

And took over with the stirring like a pro!

Daddy showed him how to put the batter into the cups...

"Luke do it."

Ready for the oven!

Ding! They're ready!

Yay for muffins!

Luke is ready to eat the muffins

He finally gets it good?

YES! Yes it is!

He even shared with Cookie Monster

The End

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Sunday Super Traditions Super Cute

Long before Luke came along, Mom & Dad had some Super Bowl traditions in place. Big Sandwiches are purchased from Lisa's Deli, dip is made, and many snacks and beverages are enjoyed. 2010 was the year that Luke could join us in our revelry.

He mightily enjoyed the pregame shows of patriotism

He REALLY enjoyed kick-off

And he really, really, REALLLLLY enjoyed his very own Big Sandwich!*

*You might be saying, "hey, isnt' that a BIG SANDWICH for a little boy?" To be fair, we requested the smaller, "hard roll" option, but they gave us the full hero in error. No matter, he ate 1/2 of that bad boy, as you can see in the clip above.