Monday, December 29, 2008


Luke did not let a virus prevent him from finally mastering how to crawl over Christmas. He still needs to figure out how to let his legs motor him along a little better, but he's getting faster with each endeavor. He's slowly but surely making his way around the apartment, showing us our baby-proofing weak spots. Here you can see him in action:

With his crawling and constant crumb-dropping, we have also discovered that Luke is fascinated by our (raggedy) broom:

Happy Anniversary, Grammy & Grandpap

Luke's Grammy & Grandpap Rosella spent Christmas with his Pittsburghean cousins, Simon & Chloe, and Luke and Paul and Paige spent Christmas with the Caseys in Scranton. Much fun was had and many adorable photos and videos are to come, but Luke wanted to be sure that he showed Grammy & Grandpap how much he especially enjoyed one of the presents they sent - his very own bell! Just like the one they let him play with at their house over Thanksgiving! So many angels got their wings courtesy of Scranton's cutest bell ringer.

Most importantly, Luke and his parents wanted to be sure to wish Grammy & Grandpap a HAPPY 46th ANNIVERSARY today!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Night Football

The Packers have painted themselves into a corner this season, and handed the division to either the Bears or the Vikings. Neither outcome is really preferable, but one thing is for sure: Luke will be cheering for the Pack tonight (abet in his crib and while asleep).

Here is Lil' Donald Driver cheering on the Pack with Mom a few weeks back.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rolling Along

Luke continues to roll EVERYWHERE, but now he can bring things along for the ride, and he is also working on figuring out how doors work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Workin' 9 to 5

Luke's friend, Tess, (well, really Mom's friend, Carrie) gave him a new toy. We weren't sure if he would be ready for it just yet, but the minute it was put in the apartment, he got right to work! We have dubbed it The Office - mostly so we can amuse ourselves with annoying and hackneyed jokes about paperwork and TPS Reports. Mom told Grammy about this new toy, and she requested some evidence.

Here you see him really getting down to business.

Here, to quote family friend, Paul Marr, he takes a call from, judging by the ringtone, one of the women from Sex & the City (please let it be Miranda or Charlotte...pleeeeease)...or at least the theme song. (It was his first movie, after all)

Thanks, Tess & Carrie!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Before Luke was born, Grandma & Grandpa Casey gave him a European-made learning toy we have dubbed The Rolling Dutchman. He in turns entrances and vexes Luke with his collapsible head and his roly poly nature.

Yesterday was Grandma Casey's birthday, and so Luke endeavored to celebrate in a way that would honor her specifically while entertaining and delighting generally. Who is more roly poly, do you think, Luke or The Rolling Dutchman?

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Monday, December 1, 2008

And through the woods... Part II

Luke didn't just spend time playing with Grandpap's pen -- anything in his pocket was fair game. Grandpap's glasses, glasses case, pens, flashlights, pencils...everything was examined, tasted, and handed back to Grandpap. These two could have gone on like this allll day - but they needed to get out of their PJs sometime!
However, Luke saved a lot of time for Grammy as well, and in addition to playing with her kitchen goods, also enjoyed some story time. In fact, Grammy was so good with her bedtime stories that Luke nodded right out.

He started awake for Good Night, Good Knight...
Started fading during Ox Cart Man (hey! he goes to "Portsmouth Market!")... ...and was shortly down for the count (aaaand scene).
Finally, before we left, Grandpap was sure to introduce him to tying flies. Luke was a little apprehensive, but I bet this is just the first of many lessons to come.