Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Red (and white) Bicycle

We are moving next weekend - leaving Hoboken and settling down in Ossining, NY. Grandpap Rosella promised Luke a new bike - a RED bike with a BELL - for the new house. We told Luke we'd go pick out his bike (that we had scouted for him in advance) this weekend. He started asking when the bike store would open at, oh, 7am. "Does it open in, like, 5 minutes?"

So he spent some time in his "club house" (aka a packing box)

And then we went to our favorite sushi place one last time and Luke and Harper entertained each other. Oh, but first! We went to Stan's Sporting Goods to buy Luke a proper Hoboken t-shirt. That he insisted on putting on at lunch.
(Check out Harper rocking the high chair!)


Finally! The bike store. Luke was so excited, he couldn't even smile properly or react to anything.

We got it out on the open road. Er, sidewalk. It took him some time to sort out the pedaling & breaking.

But progress was made.

Thumbs up for the new bike!

Trying to smile, but just wants to stare at his BELL

Ringing his bell


Friday, August 5, 2011

On the Day He Went to Sea...

It was talent show day at school today, and Luke's class workshopped a little ditty about life a-plundering on the high seas. Arrrrr!