Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Just when you thought we went away, we are back, in time for Halloween '11.

After a viewing of Toy Story, Luke declared that despite his oft-stated desire to be a fireman again for Halloween, he now wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. Dad managed to talk him into being a "real" astronaut, and a costume was procured.

When it arrived a few weeks ago, one fitting was allowed to help build anticipation. And then he promptly informed all and sundry that his costume "had arrived."

Finally, despite questioning why "there were no bats outside," Luke went off to school with his costume and got to wear it for most of the day. Mom and Dad surprised him early at school, and took him and Harper for some quality trick-or-treating, Westchester style.

What was Harper? Glad you asked.

Are you familiar with space monkeys?

The dynamic duo

Solo Astronaut

Things that are scary:
Freddy Kruger (AKA "The guy with poky hands")
Spy vs Spy (Mom's vote for most awesome costume by 2 pre-teens)
Big Spiders

Things that were not scary:
Buzz Lightyear
"That kid with the sword"
Heads on pikes

Working hard for his candy

Coming soon: We step back in history and look at pumpkins in the snow, "punchy" face, and pajama day, among other things.