Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One for Each Grandma (and the Grandpas, too)

OK, Luke's not doing anything terribly exciting in these videos, but he's being pretty cute and showing off his sitting up skills, his newfound playing skills, and does lots of babbling. And his outfit is rather adorable as well - thanks to pants on loan from The Ronan & Jacob Collection and a sweater from Aunt Cathy (alas, the last of his "Year of Sweaters" from Mom's baby shower), and his stuffed puppy from Auntie Lisa (and it's not too late to click on the link at the right to donate to Team Lisa & the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Cough cough).

Since Grammy Rosella gets a shout out in this one, we'll call this one for her:

And in this one, Luke makes toys out of two Casey relics. The first is a tupperware pitcher Paul has had since before Paige was in the picture that I think was originally Grandma's pitcher. It's now so old it was put out of service (due to some decomposition occurring in the tupperwareyness) and Luke rescued it from recycling. The second is a recent gift to Paul from Grandma & Grandpa that has been donated to the teething cause. Or, rather, comandeered by Luke for the teething cause - sacrificed so that the Phillies and Packers hats may go undrooled upon. And so, we'll call this one for Grandma Casey:

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Mom said...

So, is the Casey University cap a foreshadowing of the new name for Scranton University once the dynamic teaching duo of CASEY AND CASEY retire?