Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Luke Met Lucia...

This past weekend, we ventured North to Boston (well, Chestnut Hill) to visit our dear friends, the Leary Infantines. You may recall that Fran, Meredith, and Lucia came to visit Luke back in May - with mixed results. Well, what a difference 7 months makes!

Lucia was a gracious and generous hostess to "Baby Luke," showing Luke the ropes on some of her "baby toys" even though she is a big girl now.

And unlike in May, when Luke did a lot of sleeping and not a lot of noticing his lovely visitor, this time he was completely smitten with Lucia, paying very close attention to everything she did.

He even followed her lead and took a bath in the big kid tub! He was a little wary at first, but he did it!

Luke also engaged in a Mexican stand-off with kitty (Lady) Sadie (Tom Brady) - and fortunately his crawling was not speedy enough to earn him an appointment with the business end of her paws.
Finally, Grammy & Grandpap came down from Eliot to visit with everyone. Grandpap had a successful piggy hunt and tickled Luce's toes...

(Also pictured here is Grammy & Grandpap's bell....that they then left at Fran & Mer's. Later that day, Luce brought it to me saying "Look at this awesome bell I found!")

Luke didn't take inventory of Grandpap's pocket this time, but he gave them some snuggles during their stay.

So much fun was had by all - these pictures don't even capture it. There were delicious pancakes (courtesy of a recipe from Veronica's daddy), blueberries, strawberries, toys, toys, naps in Luce's crib, and a very special Friday Night Pizza Party - on SATURDAY! We can't wait to visit again - this time to see FOUR Leary Infantines instead of three!

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