Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things That Begin with B for $200, Alex

In addition to loving to visit the many parks of Hoboken, Luke has also begun to enjoy visiting the local birds. There is an inlet near our building that is a resting & nesting spot for geese, ducks, seagulls, finches (I think?), and of course pigeons. They can hold Luke's attention longer than almost anything we have discovered to date. Note the noise he's making - he does this very infrequently otherwise, but everytime we visit the birds. We just hope that his head doesn't explode at Grammy & Grandpap's next weekend, where there are birds alllllll around.

And as a special B is for Bonus clip, Luke loves Berries - especially Blueberries. When he wasn't feeling well earlier this week, we splurged and bought the overpriced fresh ones for him and he ate them up like another baby was going to come along and eat them out from under him at any minute.

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sarahrusso said...

The only difference between the Luke-love-of-blueberries and the Genna-love-of-blueberries is that G still doesn't have enough teeth to eat them whole so she kind of swallows them without much chewing. Smoosh, smoosh, gulp.