Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Saturday

Luke had quite a full day last Saturday.

We kicked the day off by playing his new favorite game, "Spoooooky Luuuuukey." We need to capture this on video - the picture doesn't do his "spooooookiness" justice.

Our little ham has also sorted out what the camera is about. Here he is saying "CHEEEEESE!"

Then he made Daddy take a picture of him with MOMMY saying "cheese." (he was emphatic about this)

Then he & Daddy need to take pictures of their toes?

Then! After naptime, we headed North to Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sharren's house - where he reacquainted himself with their youngest and friendliest kitty, Fig. Look at that gentle petting!

Then he and Uncle Charlie went fishing for Figs.

Look at that cast! We hope Grandpap approves.

But mostly, Luke was excited to spend time with his favorite Auntie, Aunt Sharrrrrrrren.

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darkcharlie said...

Figs are pretty easy to catch, but I must say, Luke seems to have it in his genes.