Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pre (Birthday) Party

Finally some photos from Luke's second birthday, starting with the pre-party.

After talking about his birthday for weeks, Luke woke up in a festive mood. We enjoyed "Cookie's Birthday Party" (again) in bed.

Mom and dad gave him their present first, a mini kitchen. He quickly got to work washing his hands in the sink.

After all his Grandparents came over, he got down to some more present opening

His new bear Mac, from Grandma and Grandpa Casey (bear handmade by Grandpa, suit by Grandma)

A new broom from Grammy and Grandpap Rosella

However, all of these presents may have been trumped by the arrival of BALLOONS, including a Cookie Monster Balloon Bigger than Luke.

Fun Fact: These balloons just got thrown out at the beginning of this week.

Grandpa helps Luke sort out the balloon cords

Next up: The party itself.

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