Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yinz Guys

We all packed up and headed to Pittsburgh last weekend. Our first stop was for breakfast with Uncle Joe at the Hot Metal Diner (where Uncle Joe is a regular) - followed immediately by a pit stop at the Harley Davidson store across the street (where he is also a regular).

Oh no, I think we're in trouble.

So then Uncle Joe had to show Luke HIS bike - and even let him sit on it!

And showed him how things work...

Luke was a quick study
Again, we're in trouble here.

But it wasn't all play, no work. Luke was supposed to be watering plants with Grandpap, but decided that the driveway was dirty

That's more like it

But it soon devolved into this display (to be fair, it was 90+ degrees)

3 generations of Play-Doh

Up bright and early to water Grammy's flowers

And pick weeds

And work the phones

His cousins, Simon & Chloe, came over and were put to work in the call center, too

Can you believe this? The driveway was dirty again! Grandpap helps Luke by pointing out the dirt (or chalk)

Finally, Grandpap gave a tutorial on tools - I guess so Luke can do some repairs on our next visit

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