Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spend Their Weekends on the Jersey Shore

Mama had to return to work on the 20th, so an invitation to pretend Monday wouldn't come by joining the Scotts down the shore in Cape May for Father's Day weekend was too good to pass up. We packed a bunch of sandwiches and snacks and our bathing suits and LOTS AND LOTS of sunscreen and headed south on the Garden State Parkway!

Upon our arrival, Luke and Jacob got down to hole-digging business. Daddy and Harper supervised

Daddy tried to get a nice picture with Harper "Wigglesworth" Casey

Paul admits defeat
When not digging holes, Luke ran up and back and up and back from the ocean to "the shore" all afternoon

Daddy and Harper try to pose again...
Hmm...what's Lukey up to over there?

Hey, where'd Lukey go?

Almost frame-worthy! (Ok, frame-worthy for Mommy's desk)
Luke's playin' it coooool
Thank you for seeing into the future and buying us this awesome picnic gear, Minnesota! It ROCKED and was the envy of all who were with usLuke was pleased as punch with himself to join Auntie Sarah on her blanket (if you look closely you can see he has his sunglasses on top of his head a la Mommy & Auntie Sarah)
Luke and Ronan took a stab at hole digging
While Daddy and Harper had it made in the shade
Who's the cutest bathing beauty in her new bathing suit? (Purchased specifically to go with Luke's old lobster hat)
And every trip to Stone Harbor must include a purchase of ice cream from the ice cream guy. Luke chose a Fudgeicle this time....and unlike last year, did NOT drop it in the sand and lose it to a seagull (progress!)

The next morning, Harper was free and breezy at the Jarmer manse
And pancakes and bacon were enjoyed by ALL

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