Thursday, May 5, 2011

Harper's First Trip to the Electric City

We took Harper on her first trip to Scranton last weekend

Luke had a checklist of things he wanted to accomplish. It included:
1) Wear Grandpa's chef's hat
2) Look at Grandpa's tools in the basement

...Meanwhile, Harper spent some time with Grandma
Luke acquired some of his father's old toys
3) Go to the Trolley Museum
He "drove" a trolley
And rang the bell of another
Then it was time for a trolley ride!
Think he was excited?

Harper played it coooool

The "Lukey-sized trolley" was Luke's favorite part of the whole museum

4) Help Grandpa in the garden (they planted lettuce)
Note he's still wearing his sticker from the trolley museum

One of Luke's photographs - Grandpa in his natural habitat
Luke and Grandpa "doing art"
And when it was time to leave, Luke was T I R E D

Mommy & Harper had a lunch date with Auntie Lisa, so Harper wanted to get gussied up in her outfit from Grammy Rosella
Action shot!
Tres jolie, Harper, tres jolie
Seeking piggies...
Piggies: Acquired

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