Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ahoy! Happy 4th Birthday, Luke!

We're not quite sure how Luke went and got to be 4, but get to 4 he did.  After suggesting myriad party ideas (soccer?), themes (astronauts?), and activities (Stew Leonard's?), he stopped us cold with "I want a PIRATE PARTY at OUR HOUSE with JACOB AND RONAN.  And that's it." 
And so...
Paul made another theme cake - a pirate flag
Luke was properly outfitted - complete with a "moosetasche"
And bling
Ronan modeled the eye patch and sword selection
Among the happiest days of his 4 years on Earth
Harper donned an outfit of Luke's choosing.  Well, mom didn't pair the dress with the overalls Luke originally selected...
Harper LOVED watching the big kids
Luke and Ronan licking their chops in anticipation

Black icing makes for ZOMBIE MOUTH

Luke enjoying the spoils of his plundering

Harper made quick work of her cake, then worked the room
The boys then took a Phineaus and Ferb break (which Luke TiVo'd for them ahead of the party - he was the host with the most)
Someone was pooped
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