Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Luke's Superhero Machine

Over the winter, Luke and his classmates made their own machines. They spent a lot of time making blueprints, building the actual machines, and then drafting descriptions.  Luke built a machine that makes superheroes  - his description, as dictated by his teacher, is below. Special thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Casey for donating old buttons, hinges, wires, bolts, and other household & workshop bric-a-brac to the cause!

Superhero Making Machine
My machine makes superheroes. You plug the plug into the metal socket. Then, you push the middle button on the top. The screw in the plastic socket is the emergency off switch if it starts making bad superheroes. The superheroes go around the metal coil and through the black pipe. When you push the black button with the nail on it, it cleans the superhero and sends it to a special town.
(my personal favorite is the "emergency off switch")

Harper has been very busy taking care of  Mr. Bun. 

She has lots of words - Daddy, bubble, hi, bye, more, and even an approximation of Harper. Her first sentence was "more in here" (referring to shredded cheese in her bowl). She has yet to say "mama" or "mommy." Maybe by May 13th, what do you think?

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