Saturday, July 7, 2012

Father's Day & Moving Up Day

How is June over already?!?  And July is well underway??  Alas...

The end of June brought Father's Day and (on Mama's birthday) Moving Up Day for Luke - going from being a "little kid" in the Koala Room to a BIG kid. 

After letting Daddy sleep in, we all took him to our favorite diner for brunch.  Harper apparently had a side order of see food platter.  Yuk yuk.

 Paul didn't fare much better than Mama in getting a "nice" photo

So we bribed her with "bubble water" (seltzer)
 And Luke had some...

 Then he had to do something...

Finally, we had to settle for a "wacky faces" photo

Moving up day, on the other hand, was a grand (if poorly lit) success!  Here are the Koalas wearing "shirts" that represent what they'll be when they grow up.  Luke will be a Green Bay Packer.  And by that number, I'd say he'll be the QB?

Singing and signing "Leaves of Autumn"

 He wore his new U of S shirt from Grandma & Grandpa "with the tie.  So I will be fancy."

Singing with his friends and teacher, Michelle

 Birthday/Moving Up hug!
Official Big Kid

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