Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Autumn, Harper

Both kids have been learning about "Autumn" in school with all sorts of fun activities - leaf collecting, apple snacks, leaf rubbings, apple crumble, etc.  Luke, as is his wont, is now An Authority and loves to lecture us on fall facts.  We've also been having fun playing outside in the magical weeks when it's not too hot and perfect for running around and riding bikes.

PA Local 9 Represent!
You know it!
(the Local 9 gets A LOT of promotion from these 2 around here)

One blip was the crime scene that broke out on our driveway...
CSI: Ossining

Harper was wary of the monkey jams Aunt Tanya bought her at first, but once she realized the top was "like a coat!" she was sold.  She even tried to wear them to school the other day

Picture day ensemble!  Dress courtesy of Uncle Lenny.

GO U BEARS!  (She slept in this hat the night before and spent all of bathtime & bedtime preptime telling Daddy "I wear my hat TO-MORROW!")

Harper takes all new favored-nation items to bed with her.  On this night, her jingly-belly Pooh from Aunt Slater made the cut, along with Luke's Toy Story book (or, per Harper, "YeeHaw Cowboy"), Snow, ABCs, and "A Mother for Choco" - a book she finds at once vaguely unsettling and compelling)

The kids both need to bring little pumpkins to school this week.  Harper, of course, had to take hers to bed.  "Harper's little punkin.  NOT LUKEY'S."

"Mama, do you know one of the fun things about autumn?  
You can make a big pile of leaves and jump into them!"  
Daddy wisely convinced Luke to move the leaves to the grass vs. the driveway. A project was undertaken!  Safety vests were donned!  (the best $6 we ever gave Ikea)

Harper tried on her new winter boots, courtesy of the Genna Sime collection.  They're big on her, but she so doesn't care.
And she pitched in to help!
Why yes, she is taking a break on the travel high chair.  In the driveway.
We're klassy.

Making "leaf angels"
Harper was finally given a turn

While they were playing he was saying "IT'S AUTUMN, HARPER!"
They had so much fun together - and fell asleep toot sweet that night

That evening they continued their peaceful co-existence with a "game" of dominos 

They lined them up 

We lined them up "like soldiers"
And sundry other ways

Happy fall everyone!  Stay tuned for Halloween pictures and the cutest Batman and Elmo you'll ever see!

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