Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aw, But Ain't That America?

Before we get to the 4th of July festivities, Luke and Harper got to get spit-shined and gussied up for the annual Needham Partners staff party.  It was HOT and an outdoor soiree, so the look was casual elegance.

How YOU doin'?
 That's more like it!
 Luke set the tableau with the garage door background, despite redirect attempts to flora and fauna.
Harper's escorts, Lion and Giraffe.
 July 3rd was Red, White, and Blue Day at All Aboard - Harper got into it with gusto!
 So did Giraffe?
 And our outing on the 4th was cause for Red, White, and Blue again!
 When we arrived at the John Jay Homestead, all of the kids got flags.
 There were hot dogs
And lawn-sitting
The kids enjoyed the "olde tyme toys" display
 Harper, watching the sheepdog demonstration.
 To beat the heat, tubs and hoses were utilized when we got home.
 And the new sprinkler!

Coming Soon: Hoboken reunion outing! Bronx Zoo Redux! Pizza Fritta!

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