Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Sprang Sprung

We have suffered a few frost-related setbacks in this move to springtime, but I think we may finally, dare I say, be out of wintry weather and layers for good?

Weather be damned, we have still managed to enjoy some great springtime traditions, starting with the annual T-ball/Little League Opening Day Parade!  
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 Miller's Gulf Cubs!
Luke is thrilled that 3 of his best friends are on his team (from left to right)- Gavin, Carter, and Chase.
And while the guys marched in the parade, the ladies enjoyed some Dunkin Donuts.
 Luke spent some time covering first in the opening game!
Harper got so filthy watching Luke's game (and rolling around in the dirt with Carter's sister, Jenna...) that she required a Grammy Rosella Silly Sink Bath upon arriving home.  She loves them!
We have played outside...
And worked in the garden...
We took selfies
And hosted a visit with Aunt Slater - who, at Harper's request, brought her "waterproof snuggle wions." Only Aunt Slater would be able to fulfill such a specific request.
Inspired by Frozen, we enjoyed some chocolate fondue.
Kitty clip, honey nut cheerios, and resignation.
Mama made guacamole one day and we managed not to eat ALL of it before Daddy got home from the store.
This is Harper "helping" to change the sheets.  To be fair, she waited until the clean sheets were on the bed and the covers all straightened before testing it out.  She approved of my work.
The biggest news around here is that Luke's reading is really taking off.  So much so that Harper's teacher invited him to come and read to the Giraffe class whenever he was ready.  As April break approached, Luke and Jeanne settled on a date and Luke got down to working on Hop on Pop.
Reading Hop on Pop atop Pop.
When the big day came, he did a GREAT job!
 He read loud and proud and had the Giraffes in the palm of his hand!
 And Harper was very proud and excited to have her big brother be the guest reader!

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