Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Come Home Soon!

This is the last day of self-indulgent, sappy We Miss Daddy posts - at least we hope so! With all the rain predicted for the East Coast, I am trying not to worry that Paul's flight will get totally hosed by the meteorological gods...

Luke is starting to enjoy bath time more and more (he has ALMOST discovered the joys of [intentional] splashing) - but Mom is not as fun as Dad. When Dad is at the helm of bath time, it's puppet fun with Red Bath Guy (Elmo puppet washcloth) and Spider-Bath Guy* (see below). I try, but I am not as fun as Dad with Spider-Bath Guy. Luke got disgusted and took matters into his own hands (and mouth).

*It should be noted that Spider-Bath Guy was a gift to Paul from Aunt Tanya and Uncle Rob. He has now been handed down to Luke. Or he is at least on loan.

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Karen said...

that shirt looks very familiar!