Saturday, July 19, 2008


When Grammy Rosella sent Paige's birthday present last month, she made sure to include a special treat for Luke. It seems Grammy was at the Hallmark store and saw a stuffed animal scrunched on the sale table. She took pity on it, remembering that one of Paige's favorites, Easter the Elephant, had a similar provenance.

Initially, Luke was distracted by the packaging, and thought THAT was the treat Grammy had sent. He enjoyed crinkling and scrunching it greatly:

But then we showed him his real present, his goose! He taste-tested its beak by putting it in his mouth forthwith. (you can see Easter the Elephant hanging out in the background of this picture...)

Then he gave the goose (now officially called "Luke's Goose") a nice hug. Luke's Goose is now his morningtime friend - they hang out together after breakfast while Mom & Dad get ready for work. His beak is already nice and drooly.
Luke just hopes that Lucia doesn't think he's being a copy cat. Er...copy goose?

Thanks, Grammy!


Mom said...

You are very, very welcome, Luke. I love the way you hug the goose. I hope the goose becomes as loved as Easter.


F & M said...

Lucia says, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"... then she said, "Luuuuuuke!"