Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Baby and the Boat

A few weeks back Carrie (Paige's high school friend) and her husband, Mark, invited us down to their home in Brick for an afternoon of BBQ, boats, and fun. Never ones to turn down food or fun, we drove down and enjoyed a great afternoon that was (mostly) rain free despite threatening skies.

Once we got there, Luke made himself right at home on the deck, enjoying the sofa immensely.

Apparently sitting there watching the Hot Dog Boat go by was pretty funny.

After lunch it was time for a boat ride, and safety first! Luke had to wear a life jacket like the rest of the kids, a development he wasn't too happy about. So unhappy that he needed a Nuk to keep it together.

Luckily Tyler and Tess were great examples of how to act on a boat (check out the Spider Man life jacket!).

Carrie and Tess enjoy the breeze before the thunder rolled in

The happy family... well at least two of us were happy. Despite Luke's love of breeze and seeing new things, having a big lifejacket around his neck didn't make him very happy.

Thanks to Carrie, Mark, Tyler and Tess for a great day!

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