Monday, December 1, 2008

And through the woods... Part II

Luke didn't just spend time playing with Grandpap's pen -- anything in his pocket was fair game. Grandpap's glasses, glasses case, pens, flashlights, pencils...everything was examined, tasted, and handed back to Grandpap. These two could have gone on like this allll day - but they needed to get out of their PJs sometime!
However, Luke saved a lot of time for Grammy as well, and in addition to playing with her kitchen goods, also enjoyed some story time. In fact, Grammy was so good with her bedtime stories that Luke nodded right out.

He started awake for Good Night, Good Knight...
Started fading during Ox Cart Man (hey! he goes to "Portsmouth Market!")... ...and was shortly down for the count (aaaand scene).
Finally, before we left, Grandpap was sure to introduce him to tying flies. Luke was a little apprehensive, but I bet this is just the first of many lessons to come.

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