Sunday, November 30, 2008

Over the hills.... Part I

Luke made his triumphant return to Maine this past weekend, and had lots of fun with Grammy and Grandpap. In addition to enjoying turkey, biscuits, sausage, and a taste of pizzelle, he enjoyed spending some quality time on the Seacoast.

Luke quickly found out that he had a partner in crime. If you needed to track him down, you could usually find him on Grandpap's lap.

Note the hobo toy in his hands, thanks to Grammy. That's right, it's a lid to one of those free Good Seasonings cruets.

He also enjoyed rolling around the living room, and quickly found out that banging the handles on the china cabinet is all kinds of fun. Don't let the innocent smile fool you.

He also enjoyed lots of stories...

...and more than that, playing with the things he found in Grandpap's shirt pocket

Coming up in post number II... Luke falls asleep on Grammy, explores more pockets and ties a fly.

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