Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up I95 & Back

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we took Luke to visit Grammy & Grandpap Rosella. He had a grand time toddling, eating berries and berries and berries, and flirting with waitresses and other patrons in the Seacoast's finest dining establishments.

As per usual, Luke & his Grandpap were fast friends all over again, but as you can see, Luke matches his Grandpap smirk for smirk:

He was very excited to inherit his Uncle Chris & Mom's Huffy Puffy wooden train.
We took him down to the dock for a view of the Piscataqua River...

Look! I can see New Hampshire from my (grandparents') house! Luke's ready to be VP!

Luke had a bit of a brush with the road on the walk back home from the dock...but he only cried for a minute!
Luke made sure to get in lots of snuggle time with Grammy. All of that walking and berry-eating made him very sleepy & cozy!

On our way back South, we stopped off in Chestnut Hill to see our dear old (as in long time...not age. Though we ARE old) friends, the Leary Infantines. As you can see, Luke and Aunt Fran had a heart-to-heart.

But Luke only had eyes for new baby Miss Carmen.
While Carmen's big sister, Lucia, napped, Luke played with her phone. Apparently, Nonne was calling for Carmen anyway, so Lucia didn't miss anything.

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