Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch Up Pics III: The Catchening

Luke has spent a lot of weekend afternoons running around & climbing about at Hoboken's many parks. Herewith we finish off May's batch (I know, I know...we got distracted by his Celebrity Impersonations!)

Hello, gorgeous! (that caption's for Aunt Cathy)

The Bubble Boy of Hoboken

Hi Mom!
Hoboken's cutest little prisoner

Someone was pretty cranky about going home...

...until Mom let him play with her sunglasses.

Now we move on to Mother's Day, which was spent - you guessed it - at the park! This time at Elysian Park (named after the field where the first baseball game was played)

Luke didn't really want to pose. Or sit still

Mom's personal favorite outtake

He kind of held still with Mom in front of Hoboken's money shot

And took a little stroll and held hands

Finally we bribed him with some juice.

This one is to illustrate his new found love of sitting with his legs dangling.

And finally, Luke tries to call someone who cares

1 comment:

peter said...

Luke resents the prisoner comment, as you should know he is a hardened criminal and has very large assets in the Mafia. Cute is not how he likes to be described. He might have to have his muscule dangle you off of a bridge.