Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Luke's Grammy & Grandpap are going to Pittsburgh this week to close on their new house. In celebration of this milestone, here are some pictures of Luke, putting those BabyGap models to shame. (?)

This is one of my favorite Luke expressions - all "WTF?" - probably because it's such a Paul face. And it shows his range. [speaking of Paul, one day he'll get around to posting the other pictures of Luke at the Haverford reunion...one day]

Here Luke frolics in the fountain in Hoboken's Elysian Park

He can do pensive...

Artsy action photo!
Uh, oops. Outtake!

Are these photos from 2009 or 1959? YOU be the judge! (and just look at that smile!)

Take it all in, Ladies, this is a ONE PIECE JUMPERAgain with the pensive

And finally, Luke does some real acting in his new found role as "big fat party guy" (Packers Mardi Gras Edition)

One too many sippy cup hurricanes?Agents: he's also classically trained in ballet. Look at this uh, arabesque?


jen said...

you say "pensive," I say "BLUE STEEL"!

Paige said...

You are the second one to dub one of his expressions "Blue Steel."